YouTube CEO defends decision to demonetize Russell Brand’s channel amid sexual assault allegations

In an exclusive interview with CBS Mornings, YouTube CEO Neil Mohan defended the platform's recent decision to stop monetizing comedian Russell Brand's channel. Allegations of sexual abuse and emotional abuse against him.

YouTube suspended the brand's ability to monetize its online videos earlier this week after several women accused the brand of rape, sexual assault and battery — allegations it vehemently denies.

Mohan, who assumed the role of YouTube CEO earlier this year, defended the move by following YouTube's Creator Responsibility Guidelines policy.

“If creators engage in off-platform behavior, or there's news off-platform that could harm the broader creator ecosystem, you could be suspended from our monetization program,” Mohan told “CBS Mornings” co-host Tony Dokupil. “In the past, this has affected several creators and individuals on the platform. And that's what happened in this particular case around serious allegations.”

YouTube's decision to block a brand from collecting advertising money generated by its content has raised questions about the platform's policies and its role in off-platform behavior. No charges have been filed and no legal decision has been made regarding the claims.

Dokoupil asked Mohan how YouTube decides when to get involved before the process ends.

“We're trying to apply these rules evenly throughout our developer ecosystem,” Mohan said. “Not playing favorites, engaging them in content, behavior, as opposed to who the person is.”

CBS News reached out to the brand for comment on YouTube's decision and did not hear back.

More YouTube CEOs Neal Mohan's conversation with “CBS Mornings” co-host Tony Dokupil will air on Monday, September 25.