With the Outset, Thule presents a roof tent for trailer hitching

Thule Outset tent for the tow bar

With the Outset, Thule presents a roof tent for trailer hitching

It's still too early to tell if Thule's Outset tent will revolutionize the world of tents and rooftop tents, but the concept is interesting. To sum up very briefly: the Thule Outset tent is a roof tent that you do not transport on the roof, but on the hitch.

Anyone who likes to go out with the roof tent no doubt knows that lifting and mounting the tent on the roof of the car is a real job. And sleeping at this height is not for everyone. In addition, drifting increases the fuel or energy consumption enormously and also negatively affects the stability of the car. That's why Thule offers the Outset tent, which can be an attractive alternative to a normal rooftop tent.

More and more possibilities

The campsite has undergone a real transformation in recent years. The variety of camping equipment is greater than ever. From renting a luxurious glamping tent to a long trip with a robust off-road motorhome, through minimalist wild camping in Scandinavia or “just” with a tent, caravan or folding trailer to camping in the Black Forest or the Ardèche, the possibilities are endless. . With the arrival of the Thule Outset tent, another possibility will soon be added: the tent is not yet in production.

Thule's Outset Tent

Thule, a brand that expanded its product range years ago from towbars and bike carriers to camping and outdoor products, presented a new tent at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf: the Outset. This tent is not just an addition to the existing range; it's a product that can fundamentally change the way we camp. Unlike traditional roof tents, which are mounted on the roof of a vehicle, the Outset is attached to the tow bar of the car. During the journey, the Outset is placed safely and conveniently at the rear of the vehicle.

On the hitch

The Outset is therefore an integrated tent specially designed for drawbar mounting. The tow bar arm can be tilted into different positions, leaving the vehicle's tailgate accessible. This greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of luggage. At first glance, the design looks like a hitch box, but looks can be deceiving. Upon arrival at the campsite, the tent can be easily detached from the tow bar and unfolded on a matching stand. This stand is equipped with telescopic legs so that the tent can also be set up neatly and level on an uneven surface. Inside the tent is a flat sleeping platform with a comfortable mattress and lighting.

Launch for next summer

The Outset presented by Thule at the Caravan Salon is currently still in the development phase, but the planned launch is scheduled for summer 2024. Thule's new product promises to add an exciting new dimension by combining the freedom of camping with a vehicle with ground camping adventure.

Photos 6 to 9: Messe Düsseldorf – Constanze Tillmann