Trump releases doctor’s note, claims he’s lost weight as Biden celebrates 81st birthday

Donald Trump is in “excellent” health, according to a note he shared Monday on social media, as both he and potential 2024 challenger Joe Biden face continued questions about their age and mental fitness to the White House.

“I am pleased to report that President Trump's general health is excellent,” the former president's doctor, Bruce Aronwald, wrote in a letter Trump shared with Truth Social. “His physical exams were within normal range and his cognitive exams were excellent.”

The letter added that Mr Trump showed improved results on some tests, likely due to “weight loss”.

“President Trump has kept his weight down through an improved diet and consistent daily physical activity while maintaining a strict schedule,” the doctor said.

The release comes on the same day Mr. Biden turns 81. When he took office in 2020, he became the oldest president in US history, beating his predecessor's record.

Both Trump and Biden have faced attacks on their age, sometimes from each other and sometimes from members of their own party.

At an event in October, echoing a common conservative line of attack on the president, Mr Trump claimed that Mr Biden “can't string two sentences together and is responsible for nuclear war”.

Donald Trump is in “excellent” health and has lost weight, according to his doctor

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He also mocked Biden's recent falls while on various presidential duties.

“I see a ladder over there, I see a ladder over there. If I had to, I'd jump right off that front thing – we could make it, it's about four feet,” he said at the event.

Mr Trump has also faced a similar line of criticism.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSandis' campaign even created an “accident tracker” to document the former president's various gaffes.

“This is a different Donald Trump than 2015 and '16 — he's lost the zip on his fastball,” Mr. DeSantis told reporters during a visit to New Hampshire earlier this month.

Meanwhile, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has called for mental capacity tests for politicians over the age of 75.

As The independent reported that a wide range of voters have doubts about Mr. Biden's age and his re-election campaign.

An estimated 77 percent of Americans think he is too old to run again.

In his most recent physical, Biden was reported as generally healthy, although he has slightly elevated blood pressure and a “stiff gait.”

Some critics argue that the political dominance of the White House by the Baby Boomer generation over the past three decades has led to a narrowing of policy priorities.

“We had 28 consecutive years of presidency,” said Kevin Munger, its author Generation Gap: Why Baby Boomers Still Dominate American Politics and Culture he said The independent earlier this year. “That streak has only been ended by Joe Biden, who is technically too old to be a fast two years. This is unprecedented for a generation.”

“Issues that matter to younger generations are not on the agenda at all,” added Professor Munger.