Thousands take part in pro-Palestine day of action across the UK

Pro-Palestinian protesters organized a national day of action on Saturday, with thousands of people taking part in events across the UK.

In previous weekends, thousands of protesters and counter-protesters have gathered in the capital.

However, the movement's presence was more muted in London on Saturday, with protesters splitting into more than 100 smaller rallies across the nation.

London hosted 10 events, including rallies in Islington, Camden and Tower Hamlets.

Around 100 pro-Palestinian protesters were coming from London's Waterloo station after staging a sit-in demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

The group chanted: “Free, free Palestine.” “Sit down, join us” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as they demonstrated in the center of the station.

Police surrounded the protesters before escorting them from the station, while at least two protesters were transported from the scene.

British Transport Police (BTP) said at least five protesters were arrested at Waterloo station and no train services were affected.

A group of protesters who were turned away from the station then made their way to Westminster Bridge, where they sat in the street before moving towards Parliament Square, the Metropolitan Police said.

The force told X, formerly Twitter: “We believe the group in Parliament Square is a combination of pro-Palestinian protesters and JSO (Just Stop Oil) activists.

“We have arrested a prominent JSO activist from within the group. We have a significant number of officers ready to respond if there is further disruption on the road.”

It comes as protesters staged sit-ins at major UK train stations despite increased policing on rail networks.

BTP deployed increased officer patrols in England, Scotland and Wales on Saturday.

Footage shared on social media showed a small crowd sitting on the floor at Victoria Victoria station, while the force confirmed another group of around 25 people had done the same at Leeds station shortly after 2pm.

BTP issued Section 14a orders banning demonstrations on Saturday at many of London's mainline stations from 10am. to 11pm, but just after 2.30pm the force posted on X that a group of around 200 protesters had arrived at London Bridge station.

A police cordon was also placed around London Bridge, but five minutes later they posted again saying the team had left the area and passengers could access the station as normal.

The BTP said its officers made five arrests in London on Saturday, while the Met Police said their officers made 10 – including pro-Palestine and JSO protesters.

Before Saturday's protests, the Met Police had said the force had made more than 380 arrests for related offenses since the October 7 attacks in Israel.

Meanwhile, organizers estimated around 18,000 protesters took part in a pro-Palestinian event in Glasgow.