The worst movies of 2023

The year comes to an end and we like to look back and do Best and worst lists of the year. We've already told you what we think are the best movies and TV series of 2023, but we didn't want to spill the beans… until now.

What we bring you today is our list The worst movies of the yearThose movies that promised us but ended up making us sleep our lives away.

at the head Napoleonmovie Ridley ScottThat we all look forward to, if only to see it Joaquin Phoenix Like The Great Emperor, but which surprised most critics worse. Let's start!

1. Napoleon

“It's like reading a very long Wikipedia entry,” says Fran Hopfner of the pages. Movie scene. And there are many who believe that two and a half hours The footage gets long, especially if you insult “coldness and indifference” to what they say, as happened with Carlos Boyero. Country.

That yes, this Phoenix Like Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby Like Josephine, they are incredibly good, not to mention the greatness of the battles. But when the story does not holddoes not close.

2. Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood

better Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood what Napoleon? No, but on tape Ridley Scott We were expecting big things and from here… well, of course not. What can we expect from a movie of this name and it talks about how Pooh and Piglet came to be Psychopaths Then sort of trauma Why did Christopher Robin abandon them?

Well, there is no single criticism that saves Winnie the Pooh: Honey and Blood. “A sorry mess,” they say variety. The Daily Beast He considers it a “strangely inspired disaster”. and from decisive They are even more damaging: “This movie is disgusting!” – they even said. Well, you get the idea, right?

3. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man was one of the funnest franchises ever MarvelFirst of all, thank you Paul RuddThanks to him, we felt very close Pathos And not like other great superheroes who are always perfect and untouchable. But in this latest adventure… They were not rights, for political correctness.

Yes, some critics liked it, but the film was almost entirely developed quantum world, It gives way to everything. And this is what happened to that Why? what happened Peyton Reed Makes it end a bit heavy.

4. Flash

other super hero which promised us a lot but left an unpleasant taste in our mouths. And it was waiting to be seen Ezra Miller in the role FlashEspecially since he started Doing stupid things before promoting the film.

and responsible DC They tried to give a new impetus to their world thanks to a few hands Cameos Of his most mythical stars, but not with them either.

5. Magic Mike's Last Dance

to the saga of Magic Mike It started well in 2012 against all odds. And the story of A stripper A priori I was not very interested in someone who strips naked to survive in a women's club, but Soderbergh He managed to spin it and the reviews were good.

But the magic is over the last dance give yourself a bump. “Deliver more it is funny of the trilogy,” they say from the Chicago Sun-Times. “A break up From beginning to end,” they say in El Pais. so that

6. Ghost

Chris Evans, Ana de Armas year Adrien Brody. Sounds good, right? Not so. this mixture Romantic and action comedy It doesn't work at any stage because, according to experts, the action overshadows the romance, which, on the other hand, doesn't work that well.

that Rolling Stone They consider it “one of the worst comedies of recent times” and the best thing they've said since IndieWire is that “at least it's shorter than gray man

7. Asteroid City

Well, we were looking forward to the new ones Wes Anderson But despite having the best Hollywood, his story doesn't quite add up. And maybe that's why A very choral actor Which ends up surprising the audience on its own different plots differentiated.

Be careful, those who like it, like it a lot. But those who don't like it… hate it. There are no half measures. For example, what Mark Kermode says guardwho finds it “more annoying than funny”.

8. Agent Stone

Con Agent Stone, Netflix aims to create a new action franchise Mission impossible together Gal Gadot in front But he hasn't been very good at it, judging by it opinions Specialized critics.

“Boring and funny,” they say playlist. “Tiring”, they find it decisive. “Unoriginal” for that transfer. The good thing is that if you have Netflix, you can try and stop whenever you want if it doesn't convince you. And it should Gal Gadot.

9. Carmen

This adaptation by a dramatic opera George Bizet It could have been very original, but it didn't quite hit the spot, even though it has its aesthetic appeal. for that Rolling Stone the results are artificial, The Washington Post He claims it's too forced and seems im variety They are a bit confused: “We don't know if this is a dance piece, an avant-garde musical or a typical melodrama.”

10. Your house or mine

Reese Witherspoon year Ashton Kutcher What can go wrong in a romantic movie? Well, everything, judging by what the reviews say about it, which in particular painful.

for that variety “It's a particularly nasty romantic comedy.” guard He believes it to be “stupid, though harmless, nonsense.” And those Empire They believe that “it is not worth seeing in your house or in my house.” The truth is, it hurts even me.