The Traitors LIVE: Claudia Winkleman kicks off season 2 with new cast

The Traitors series 2 trailer

The Traitors, the BBC’s hit reality show where deception and lying could win you big money, is back on our screens.

The Bafta-winning show returns tonight (3 January), with 22 new contestants setting up camp in a Scottish castle, where they’re secretly split into “Traitors” and “Faithfuls”.

The “Traitors” are aiming to get to the end of the game undetected, while the “Faithfuls” are trying to catch them. For those left standing at the end, there is their share of the up to £120,000 prize pot.

You can meet the class of 2024 – including an insurance broker, a photographer, and a clairvoyant – here.

Claudia Winkleman is back at the show’s helm, with the series two trailer promising an even more explosive second series.

Follow along for updates from tonight’s show…


Claudia Winkleman admits concerns over fan expectations for The Traitors season 2

As the show comes back on our screens, Claudia Winkleman has asked fans of The Traitors to lower their expectations.

Speaking in a new interview, the presenter said that she and the team were “literally winded” by the positive response to series one, and that she hoped the show would be able to capture that “magical dust” once more.

Isobel Lewis3 January 2024 18:30


When does The Traitors series two begin and when is it on iPlayer?

The Traitors returns this evening – and it’s not just one episode fans will be able to tune into!

Episode one of series two will air tonight on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm. Once the show ends at 10pm, the following two episodes will be available to stream on iPlayer too, and they will be broadcast on BBC One on Thursday and Friday this week.

Isobel Lewis3 January 2024 18:15


Welcome to The Traitors live blog!

Hi all! It’s t-minus three hours until The Traitors is back on our screens, and we’re going to be live-blogging tonight’s first episode!

Follow along for updates – and everything you need to know about series two…

Isobel Lewis3 January 2024 18:07