The new board game ‘Storm the Capitol’ celebrates the January 6th uprising

A brand new board game is being released this weekend to commemorate the three-year anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riots in Washington, DC.

Right-wing podcast TrueAnon has created the game “Storm the Capitol – TrueAnon Edition,” where players can “relive one of the funniest days in American history!”

Although the day wasn't particularly funny for Capitol staff and law enforcement officers who faced an angry mob of far-right activists and Donald Trump supporters trying to subvert American democracy, the game celebrates the day's violence – with players being able to pretend to “fight” through the Capitol building.

Players take on the role of a “Patriot” and try to “collect ballots, take hostages and fight the police” in a reenactment of the riots.

Other players can take on the role of the Capitol Police, aiming to stop the so-called “Patriots” from reaching the rooftop with enough ballots to “Stop the Steal.”

The game comes with cards like the Capitol Police attacking dogs, which leads to a “Patriot” losing points.

Players can earn points by stealing “AOC's shoes” or “Pelosi's laptop”.

At the end of the game, if the Patriots win, former President Donald Trump will be waiting to pick them up in his helicopter to change the results of the 2020 election, according to the game.

If the police win, President Joe Biden will be the winner.

On January 6, 2021, thousands stormed the capital in protest against Trump losing the 2020 election

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The controversial game is being sold exclusively for $64.99 on the far-right podcast's merchandise website and will be released on January 6th.

In a podcast episode announcing the game's release, host Brace Belden recalled seeing the riots covered on the news, saying it was “the best day of television I've ever had.”

He also falsely claimed of those who died that day that “most died of over-excitement.”

Fellow podcast host Liz Franczak bragged about how much fun the game is, calling it “the riot of an era.”

The hosts even went so far as to humbly say that the plank came could “cure the nation,” placing their product with the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire.

The podcast hosts wrote to X that they hope the game will bring back the “amazing feeling” it had on January 6, 2021.

The hosts of TrueAnon claim that the game is designed for everyone in America on “every side of every single political issue” — as long as, of course, you're comfortable attacking the police, taking hostages, and subverting democracy.

More than a thousand rioters have so far been arrested for their part in that deadly day, with many given long prison terms.