The missing mother with her three children has been in contact with family but will not say where they are

A Virginia mother of three who has been missing for weeks has been contacted by her mother and husband — but declined to reveal her location.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said The messenger that Laura Cook, 30, said she and her children – Benjamin, seven, Hannah, five and Elijah, two – were fine. However, he did not reveal where they were.

But when asked about the conversation with her daughter Lisa Tousa, she refused to confirm on the show if they had spoken this week. Ms Tousa previously said Ms Cook was five months pregnant.

“I will confirm that I am worried about my daughter and I am worried about my grandchildren,” Ms Tousa said. “My daughter and grandchildren are still missing. No one knows where they are.”

Ms. failed to appear for her third scheduled court appearance in Franklin County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. He failed to appear at his first two court appearances — Sept. 5 and Sept. 13 — the second of which prompted a missing persons investigation.

Instead, Mr. Cook appeared in court, the sheriff's office said: “The husband cooperated with our office and attended any court dates that were scheduled.”

Since the children and Mrs. Cook disappeared, her husband, Jordan Cook, has sung a completely different tune than her mother.

Mr Cook said he was “not concerned” and insisted they were not in fact missing.

“Contrary to what has been reported, my wife and children are not ‘missing.' I have no reason to be concerned for their safety or well-being,” he saidABC 13 earlier this month. “I've heard from my wife and I'm sure she and my kids are fine.”

The couple lives in Ferrum, Virginia, and there were no reports of 911 calls indicating signs of a domestic dispute.

“A lot of times you see these situations where a parent loses custody and takes the kids and runs away. That doesn't seem to be the case,” Sergeant Megan Houston said The New York Post.

“But they're not originally from here, so I can't say whether or not something has happened elsewhere, I don't know that information,” he added. “It's a complicated situation about which we have limited details.”

Despite her husband's claims, Lauren Cook's name will remain on the “missing person” list until “a law enforcement agency needs to make personal contact,” the sheriff's office previously explained.

Ms. Cook's phone last rang on Sept. 7 in Lexington, a town about 90 miles from her home. There has been no activity on her bank account since she disappeared.

Investigators confirmed earlier this month that Ms. Cook and her children were in Litchfield, Illinois on September 14.

It was unclear if the mother of three and her children were still in the state. It is believed that she and her three children could be traveling in a blue 2013 Chrysler van with Virginia tags.