The human rights watchdog’s presidential investigation into conduct claims has been closed

An investigation into the presidency of the human rights watchdog over allegations about her conduct at work has been closed.

In May, Channel 4 News revealed that the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Baroness Kishwer Falkner, was investigated following complaints about her behavior by a member of staff.

This was an internal investigation.

Allegations were also made of alleged bullying and harassment, a toxic workplace culture and internal concerns about his independence and impartiality, the broadcaster said.

The revelations proved controversial, with supporters saying he was targeted by trans rights activists within the committee.

In July, the Minister for Women and Equalities, Kemi Badenoch, commissioned an independent legal expert to review the handling of the allegations against Baroness Falkner.

As a result of the review's finding, the EHRC announced on Tuesday that the internal investigation into Baroness Faulkner had been closed.

“In light of the findings and guidance communicated to the interim vice president and the board as a result of the review, the interim vice president, supported by the board, has decided that the investigation into the President should now be closed,” the EHRC said.

“The Board will work through any outstanding issues with all parties in confidence.

“The board will also conduct a full review of the process failures that occurred, as well as a review of its own rules and governance to implement any necessary changes.”

I am grateful to see this investigation into baseless allegations against me come to an end

Baroness Kisver Falkner

A spokesman for the EHRC declined to comment on any findings of the internal investigation into the president.

Baroness Faulkner said: “I am grateful to see the end of this investigation into baseless allegations against me.

“I am also extremely grateful for the support and encouragement I have received since the investigation into the allegations against me first came to light. I have enjoyed public service throughout my life and continue to do so with vigor and determination.

“The EHRC – our board, committees, executive team and staff – are united in our focus on protecting and promoting the equality and human rights of us all.

“Now that these matters are coming to an end, I hope we will be given the time and space needed to reset and renew our efforts to deliver for the British people.”

He added that the committee would “learn lessons” from the events and be “committed” to making “all necessary improvements” as he insisted it remained “fully focused”.