The Daily Show guest reveals three GOP lawmakers she’d like to fight

The daily show Guest Leslie Jones names three GOP lawmakers she'd like to fight, taking a note from a strange near-mess between a U.S. senator and a congressional union leader.

In a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin challenged Teamsters Union President Sean O'Brien to a fight.

The two men challenged each other across the room before the senator jumped from his seat, appearing ready for a physical altercation.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, who was sitting next to Mr Mullin, stepped in to stop the commotion, shouting: “Sit down! You're a United States senator!”

A clip of the fight was played The daily show on Tuesday with Ms. Jones throwing popcorn at the screen.

“Behind Bernie! Bernie, shut up! They were ready to fight! I want to see that!” she joked.

Ms. Jones continued to poke fun at the boisterous senator's name.

Appearing on ABC5, Mr Mullin said he did not regret his actions and said there was “no problem” with settling their dispute in Congress


“But you know what? I knew this dude was in trouble from the moment I heard his name – ‘Markwayne', all one word,” he said.

“His parents didn't love him enough to choose just one name for him. They just put two names together and said it every day.”

He continued: “Calm down Markwayne, this is not something I want to hear on C-SPAN. It's what you hear when you watch an episode of Cops.”

The guest host went on to talk about his absurd near-fight in the middle of Congress.

“But more importantly, is this what America has come to? People fighting in the Senate? Because if it is, I want in,” he announced.

Ms. Jones then named three Republican lawmakers with whom she would like to fight.

“Lindsey Graham, I want you in the ring!” he shouted, calling out the South Carolina senator.

Next on the list was Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“Bring your weird a** so I can beat your a**!” he said.

Then a video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell looking away appeared on the screen.

“Mitch! Mitch! Mitch!” Ms. Jones said snapping her fingers, pretending to try to get his attention.

“Oh, someone beat him already,” he laughed.

Mr. Mullin defended his actions at Tuesday's congressional hearing to ABC5, saying there was “no problem” challenging Mr. O'Brien there and then — especially in light of the union leader's comments to him through the social media.

“Battles happen. boys are boys,” the senator said, adding that he would have continued the fight had it not stopped.