Stanley quencher review: Where to buy bottle for your 2024 hydration goals

Essentially an adult sippy cup, the Stanley quencher flowstate cups (read: emotional support water bottles) are the unlikely product to have taken the internet by storm.

With more than 300 million views and counting on TikTok (the reusable water bottles are dominating the niche #WaterTok trend) and even garnering Adele’s seal of approval, it’s no surprise the entire range has sold out four times since landing in the UK.

Despite being Gen Z’s favourite accessory, the tumbler brand actually has its roots all the way back in 1913, as a go-to for adventurers and hikers, but it’s reached new notoriety, thanks to the pastel-hued quencher cups.

The viral quencher H2.0 flowstate cup boasts a 1.2l capacity and can keep your liquid cold for up to 11 hours, or two full days when iced. Complete with a reusable straw and full-cover cup, it has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying and a base that fits into a car holder.

Better still, it’s crafted from 90 per cent recycled stainless steel for more sustainable sipping. Coming in a range of aesthetically pleasing colours, from eucalyptus sage and rose quartz to light blue fog and green citron, the pretty cups have ascended to cult status – but their main appeal is hydration (they are water bottles, after all).

We all know hydration is key for good skin, energy levels, temperature levels and overall good health but most people’s daily water consumption is well below par. With the NHS recommending between 1.5l and 2.5l of water a day, Stanley’s 1.2l cup will certainly help you on your way in 2024.

How we tested

If you’ve resolved to up your hydration levels this year, and are considering buying into the hype, we’ve tested out the cup’s credentials. Considering the quality, usefulness and value for money of the water bottle, keep reading for our full verdict on the viral Stanley quencher tumbler.