Speculation on Nigel Farage’s appearance as Reform UK for press conference

Farage returns to GB News after jungle appearance

Speculation is mounting over whether Nigel Farage will appear at a Reform UK press conference this morning.

The party is holding an event in central London led by party leader Richard Tice and other “guests”, fueling speculation that Farage will make a surprise appearance.

Mr Farage, who founded Reform, joined recently I'm a celebrity Get me out of here and rumors of his return to the political forefront have been increasing ever since.

At the press conference, Mr Tice will shift his party's focus away from trying to woo Labor voters, having previously sought Tory support.

In statements released overnight, he will claim that Keir Starmer's Labor Party will “bankrupt Britain with a devastating cocktail of cultural and economic poison” if it wins the next general election.


10 years in prison for people who cheat the government – Labour

Criminals defrauding the government face up to ten years in prison under plans being considered by Labor to crack down on cronyism.

Keir Starmer will give the pledge in a speech on Thursday to mark the start of the election year.

“After the sex scandals, the expenses scandals, the spending scandals, the boyfriend contracts – even in a crisis like the pandemic – people think we're all out for ourselves,” he is expected to say. The guardian mentionted.

“To change Britain, we have to change ourselves – we have to clean up politics. No more VIP fast lanes, no more coworker kickbacks, no more revolving doors between the government and the companies they regulate.

“I will restore standards in public life by a total suppression of friendship.”

File photo: Keir Starmer vows to fight ‘friendly'

(Keir Starmer)

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ICYMI: Nigel Farage will find ‘very hard to resist' political comeback, ally says

Nigel Farage could soon be back on the political frontline playing a leading role for right-wing Conservative rivals Reform UK, the party leader has said.

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What time is the Reform Congress?

Reform is giving a press conference this morning.

The event is scheduled to start at 10.30 am. in a hotel in central London, near Victoria station.

Richard Tice, leader of the Reformation, will lead the event with other “guests” appearing.

File photo: UK reform leader Richard Tice outside the BBC

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Good morning and welcome By the Independent live political coverage.

Reform UK is holding a press conference in central London this morning as speculation mounts of a possible Nigel Farage appearance.

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