Binghamton University professor and Nobel laureate Stanley Whittingham is the winner of the 2023 VinFuture Grand Prize.

Newswise — BINGHAMTON, NY — Binghamton University, State University of New York Distinguished Professor and Nobel Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham Chosen as the 2023 $3 million joint winner VinFuture Grand Prize In recognition of his contribution to the invention of lithium-ion batteries. The prize recognized how solar energy and lithium battery storage can overcome climate change and was recently presented by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

“I am honored to be selected for this prestigious honor,” Whittingham said. “VinFuture's efforts to recognize green and sustainable energy is a noble cause and I am very proud to have played a part.”

During his 30-year career, Whittingham pioneered the development of lithium-ion batteries, for which he won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019. He holds an original patent on the use of intercalation chemistry in high-capacity, highly reversible lithium batteries.

Whittingham was honored at a ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam, broadcast live around the world. The four winning entries beat an impressive 1,400 nominations from 90 countries and territories. According to the organizers, these achievements have profound implications for the present and future of humanity in critical areas such as green and sustainable energy, climate change response, sustainable agriculture, food security and health – affecting the lives of billions of people worldwide.

The VinFuture Prize, established in 2020 by the VinFuture Foundation in Vietnam, honors exceptional inventors and researchers from academic institutions, research centers and the industrial sector around the world. It is dedicated to celebrating ground-breaking scientific research and technological innovations that bring meaningful and positive changes to the everyday lives of many people.