Ruby Franke’s husband isn’t pointing fingers in child abuse case

YouTube family influencer Ruby Franke's estranged husband will not directly comment on the child abuse allegations made against her.

Randy Kester, Kevin Franke's attorney, told Today that he was “seeking to rebuild and bridge those relationships rather than dirty talk” after the six charges against Ms. Franke were announced.

Attention turned to Kevin Franke after Ruby Franke's sisters – Julie Griffiths Deru and Bonnie Hoellin – went online to speak out about the situation by creating YouTube videos.

They claim they had no idea about their sister's behavior because they cut off contact with her some time ago.

Still, Ms. Hoellin said in her video, “It was Kevin's job to check things and he didn't do it.”

In response to Ms. Hoellin's statement, Mr. Kester said that Kevin Franke was more interested in ensuring that his family could return from this situation.

“I think she admits that she too hasn't been in the loop and hasn't had contact with the children herself… However, Kevin is more interested in reaching out to his children, his family and his friends about the past trauma healing and events,” Mr. Kester told Today.

“(Kevin) is trying to rebuild and bridge those relationships rather than spreading dirt and pointing fingers. “At this point, he is focused on doing what is best for his children, even if that requires some introspection. However, this process will not result in greater distance between him and his family, including his extended family. He wishes Bonnie and her family all the best on our journey to healing.”

Ms Hoellin also said Kevin Franke could have helped but he had had “no contact” with his family.

In an interview with Law and crime Last week, Mr. Kester said that Kevin Franke was unaware that his wife and children had moved to Ivans, Utah, because he had been separated from his wife for 13 months at the time and had no contact with his children during that time.

Ruby Franke is said to have told her husband that they both needed to work on their marriage, but that it would be better if he moved out and not communicated with the children.

According to his lawyer, Kevin Franke has had no contact with his children in the last 13 months

(8 passengers/YouTube)

Apparently absent while the latest alleged child abuse took place, including involving Ruby Franke's business partner Jodi Hildebrandt, many believe he really had no idea what was going on.

However, many people on social media are quick to point out other behaviors captured in YouTube videos on the popular channel “8 Passengers,” run by Ruby and Kevin Franke.

In one case, Kevin Franke supports the decision to send her 14-year-old son to the Anasazi Foundation Wilderness Therapy Program, an “outdoor behavioral health program” for children struggling with “defiance” and other behavioral problems.

“(What) many of you are criticizing or calling offensive are actually things that psychologists have advised us to do,” Kevin Franke said in the video.

Other punishments on the channel were often heavily criticized by viewers, such as Ruby Franke denying her children personal space or food and forcing them to do push-ups. She also withheld Christmas presents for her two youngest children and deprived her eldest son of his bed for seven months, forcing him to sleep on a beanbag chair. All of this was documented on the channel.

Kevin Franke's lawyer defended his stance in their current situation, saying his wife was “emotionally controlling” him and Ms. Hildebrand was “manipulating both of them.”

“Kevin never had any reason to believe his children were being abused. And if he had even the slightest idea that his children were being abused and that the separation served no purpose other than to find a way between him and Ruby to reunite their family, he would have been down there in two seconds.” Mr. Kester said this Law and crime.

Kevin Franke and his attorney appeared in a Utah court on Monday for a second custody hearing for the children. Ruby Franke and her oldest daughter, 20-year-old Shari Franke, were also in attendance. The Salt Lake Tribune Reports.