Plus-size passenger hits back at ‘fatphobes’ after requesting seatbelt extender on plane

A plus-size passenger whose video asking for an extender for her seatbelt when flying went viral has shared a strong response to online trolls who commented on her experience.

In December, Samyra Miller shared a clip on TikTok that showed her waiting for the extender on a Delta flight in the US, before demonstrating how short the belts on the aircraft were.

The video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times, and attracted more than 5,000 comments.

Many of the responses were aimed as Ms Miller’s appearance, with comments such as “everyone else fits just fine” and “the belt is not the problem”.

Others criticised the way she asked for the extender, with one user writing: “You should’ve said ‘please’.”

The influencer and singer has uploaded a follow-up video in response to one comment – that gained more then 19,000 likes but is no longer visible – that read: “Could I get a belt extender PLEASE.”

Ms Miller claimed that thousands of people seemed “more concerned with the delivery of my request than the delivery of my belt extender.”

“And to all of you more concerned about my health in the comments, they should also be concerned about my health and safety on an aircraft. When I discuss anything as a fat person, whether that is requesting a belt extender or requesting that brands actually sell plus sizes, you often focus more on my delivery.

“I’m never ‘passionate’ like my other counterparts. I’m ‘loud’, I’m ‘angry’ I’m ‘entitled’ I have ‘audacity.’ Because who am I, as a fat, Black woman to have wants? To have desires? To have dreams? You want us to shrink ourselves so bad, and for what?”

The video hitting back at her critics has gained almost 200,000 views, with many of the comments supportive. One user replied with: “Right on Samyra! That petty comment was pure tone policing. Those fatphobes hate it that we are just out here living our lives.”

Others were less convinced, with one stating that “you were literally just kinda rude”.

In 2023, a travel influencer urged airlines to introduce a “customer-of-size policy” to save plus-size customers from what she calls “mistreatment”.

Jaelynn Chaney, who is based in Washington, US, and describes herself as an “advocate for people of all sizes and abilities”, is campaigning America’s Federal Aviation Authority to make flights “comfortable and accessible for everyone”, including “larger people”.

Last month, Southwest Airlines introduced a “Customer of Size” policy, allowing travellers who take up more than one seat to have the additional space for free.

Those who “encroach upon any part of the neighbouring seat(s)” can buy the number of extra seats they need and receive a refund at check-in.