Anthropic, an OpenAI competitor, is in talks to raise $750 million in funding at a valuation of $18.4 billion.

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Anthropic, an OpenAI competitor founded by former OpenAI employees, is in talks to raise $750 million in funding led by Menlo Ventures, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told CNBC.

The round values ​​Anthropic at $18.4 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter — nearly 4.5 times the startup's $4.1 billion valuation earlier this year.

The information about fund collection was distributed before information. Anthropic declined to offer comment for this story.

Founded in 2021 and backed by companies including Google, Salesforce, and Zoom, Anthropic has already raised $750 million in two funding rounds in April and May — one of which included an acquisition by Google. 10% share in the company. Anthropic's fundraising in May marked the largest funding round for an AI company at the time since Microsoft's investment in OpenAI in January, according to PitchBook.

In October, Google agreed to invest up to $2 billion in the startup — a commitment that includes an upfront cash infusion of $500 million and an additional $1.5 billion to be invested over time.

Anthropic is the developer of Claude 2, a chatbot competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT used by companies including sales forces– Owned by Slack, Notion and Quora. Claude 2 has the ability to summarize about 75,000 words, which can be the length of a book. Users can enter large data sets and request summaries in the form of a memo, letter or story. ChatGPT, on the other hand, can handle about 3,000 words.

Anthropic was founded by Dario Amodei, OpenAI's former vice president of research, and his sister, Daniela Amodei, who was OpenAI's vice president of security and policy. Several other OpenAI research alumni were also on Anthropic's founding team.

A study conducted by Arthur AI, a machine learning monitoring platform, tested chatbots from Anthropic, Meta, Cohere, and OpenAI and found Claude 2 to be the most reliable chatbot in terms of “self-awareness,” meaning what it does and what it doesn't do. knows. , and only when answering questions did it have training data support.

In July, Daniela Amodei told CNBC that Anthropic had invested at least two months in developing its latest chatbot, with a team of 30 to 35 people working directly on the AI ​​model and a total of 150 people supporting it. According to him, the market is growing so fast that there is enough room for many players to succeed.

“It's a really unusual time from a business perspective because there's so much demand for large language models, and there's really more demand than the industry can currently provide,” Amodi said at the time. The landscape is simply too broad, and there's really quite a lot of room for many different users and users to use these systems.