Sam Altman’s immediate return to OpenAI as the new CEO

A new caretaker has been appointed at the company behind the main AI chatbot ChatGPT, as OpenAI's board said it supports the decision to fire Sam Altman.

Mr. Altman, founder and former CEO of OpenAI, was released In a shocking announcement on Friday, the nonprofit company's board said Mr. Altman “has not been consistently candid in his communications with the board.”

Details of the alleged lack of sincerity have not been released, and the true reason for the dismissal remains unclear.

was Speculation that Mr. Altman could return The company after it posted a photo showing OpenAI's guest pass on social media platform X.

But the board stood by the firings, according to a New York Times report Monday based on a company memo.

Emmett Shear, who was CEO of Amazon's streaming platform Twitch, has been appointed as the new CEO of OpenAI.

He replaces Mira Murat, OpenAI's chief technology officer, who was named acting CEO on Friday.

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According to the online technology website The Information, dozens of employees left after OpenAI's chief scientist Ilya Sutzkever said Mr. Altman would not be returning.

The news report said Mr. Sutzkever told OpenAI employees that Mr. Altman's behavior and relationship with the board had undermined the company's ability to oversee the development of artificial intelligence.

The departure of Mr. Altman on Friday led to Resignation of OpenAI PresidentGreg Brockman, in support.

“Sam [Altman] And I am shocked and saddened by what the board did today,” Mr. Brockman wrote on social media.

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Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spoke to Sky News.

Mr Altman said of his departure: “Today was a strange experience in many ways.

“But one surprise is that you're still alive, it's like reading your own divinity. The outpouring of love is amazing.”