Nigel Farage has called NatWest’s secret emails “programmatic crackpot”.

Nigel Farage claims a “vigilante brigade” is marching through public and private companies after emails revealed NatWest staff were gloating about closing his bank account in a series of disturbing internal messages.

The shouts were handed to former Ukip leaders via a subject access request and shed light on conversations between staff members who joked he had been “de-banked” by Coutts, a subsidiary of NatWest, and hoped it had “knocked him down a peg or two”. .

In an angry lashing out at the bank, Mr Farage also revealed that internal documents referred to it as a “wound”, a “scheme” and a “stupid”.

The internal gossip followed the closure of Mr Farage Coutt's account, which he claims was a politically motivated decision.

Mr Farage was also described in one of the emails as a “terrible human being”, while another said they would have paid a substantial sum to be the one to tell the GB News presenter his account was being closed.

A third said: “I'd throw him a milkshake if I was approached to open an account for him.”

In one exchange, published by the Daily Telegraph, one employee points to Mr Farage claiming NatWest has a “political agenda”.

A colleague replies: “No, you're just an awful person Nigel Farage lol. He is so politically relevant right now. Like who are you anymore.”

The colleague goes on to mock the Brexiteer's previous attempts to portray himself as a man of the people, saying it is “good that an ‘everyone' has put faith in Coutts”.

After the publication, Mr Farage called on former NatWest boss Dame Alison Rose, who resigned over her role in the scandal, to scrap the multi-million pound compensation deal.

“This is the culture that the queen of wakefulness, Dame Alison Rose, has brought to head office and across the Bank of NatWest,” he said.

And Mr Farage called for an investigation into all staff who had made malicious comments about him.

But he told GB News: “It doesn't hurt at all. I'm so used to the illiberalism of so-called liberals that I can deal with it. It's horrible stuff.

“But everything shows the arrogance of those in power, the march of the vigilante brigade through our public and private companies.

“I'm honored to be the first person to really have the voice and the position to stand up and fight back.”

NatWest is hosting a board meeting on Thursday to agree terms for Dame Alison's departure. It is due to announce its quarterly results on Friday.

Mr Farage said any payment to Dame Alison would be a “reward for failure” paid for by the taxpayer, given the public's 39% ownership of the bank.

The closure of Mr Farage's bank account sparked controversy over the so-called unbanking of those with controversial political views, but a review by the Financial Conduct Authority found no hard evidence that banks have been denying access to accounts over the past year because of their political views.

Separately, Mr Farage launched an attack on the Conservative Party, claiming they are “going to lose the next election” and “they deserve it”.

Mr Farage, who resigned from the Conservative Party in 1992 after John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty. he did not rule out a return to the Conservatives or even a leadership bid.

“Only by losing can we have a party that stands for freedom, liberty and individual opportunity and enterprise,” he said.

Mr Farage added: “If I'm able to help this debate in any way, after the election, you know what?

“I'll roll up my sleeves and be there.”