Model and influencer Wisdom Kaye defends defends skinny jeans from Gen-Z critics

Fashion influencer and model Wisdom Kaye has spoken out to defend skinny jeans from Gen-Z ridicule.

The dated denim has received widespread backlash from younger generations and fashion retail platform VIAVIA only added fuel to the fire when it posted a TikTok on 4 September, in which it interviewed a number of Gen-Zers on which fashion trend “absolutely needs to die”.

Multiple interviewees were vehemently against skinny jeans, with one proclaiming: “If you’re rocking skinny jeans, take that sh*t off, go to the thrift, go get some baggy sh*t.” Meanwhile, another added that they looked “especially” bad on men, and one woman said she was trying to convince her boyfriend to stop wearing them.

Since its posting, the video has received over 2.1 million views and 5,800 comments, the majority of which consist of millennials defending skinny jeans. Amid the ongoing skinny jeans discourse, fashion model and influencer Wisdom Kaye decided to weigh in on the debate. Kaye posted a video to his 9.2 million followers, stitching VIAVIA’s original video with a video of him styling a pair of black skinny jeans with black boots.

The influencer went on to show viewers different ways to style a variety of pants with a skinny fit, including a leather pair and a grey pair. The video racked up over 2.3 million views and over 8,500 comments, with users commended Kaye for illustrating to viewers how skinny jeans could be styled in an updated way. Kaye went on to upload the same TikTok video to X, formerly Twitter, where it received 9.7 million views.

“I don’t defend skinny jeans because I love them but becuase I think the hate is stupid,” the model wrote beneath the video. “People swear you can’t look good in them when that’s just not true, I admit typically they’re not styled interestingly but the jeans themselves aren’t the issue. Also baggy does not always equal good.”

Kaye highlighted that fashion trends have been cycling in and out at a breakneck speed in recent years, adding that “hating on skinny jeans for being outdated is kinda outdated” when trends are “continuously becoming less relevant as everything is just kinda existing all at once”.

Viewers agreed that the baggy versus skinny jeans debate really depended on how the items were styled, while some theorised that some people were hopping onto the hate train simply for the sake of trendiness.

“There’s literally nothing wrong with skinny jeans,” one viewer wrote. “It’s just how you style them and the shoes you wear that makes it.” Meanwhile, someone else commented: “People are such conformists. Skinny jeans were in style til last year now suddenly everyone pretends to hate them.”

Another added: “All the people hating on skinny jeans are gonna be the first to jump on them as soon as they’re trendy again.”

As Y2K fashion continues to establish itself as the fashion era that inspires Gen Z the most, many millennials who grew up during that time will continue to marvel at how quickly some not-so-old trends have come back into play. Many also plan on holding onto their skinny jeans regardless of trends.