Marjorie Taylor Greene’s book is under fire for “patently false” claims

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green is already facing accusations that she made “manifestly false” claims in her debut book before it was even released.

Her tell-all book, MTGout on November 21st, includes her account of what happened on January 6th. He used an “us vs. them” logic when he described how Democratic and Republican members of Congress reacted as the Capitol came under attack, according to an advanced transcript obtained and described by The guardian.

Earlier this week, Ms Green teased the book's content. “I'm speaking on January 6th, giving stories about the Swamp that you won't hear anywhere else,” he wrote. “And yes, I'm talking about those Jewish space lasers.”

In a passage described by The guardian, the Republican firefighter wrote of the Capitol uprising: “Many of the Republican members of Congress said, ‘We're going to stay here and defend the House floor.' As they began to close the door with furniture, I noticed that not a single Democrat was willing to stay to defend the chamber.”

Ms. Green's account contrasts sharply with that of Colorado Democratic Congressman Jason Crowe.

Congressman Crowe – a former military ranger – said The Denver Post after the painful events of the day I “went into ranger mode a bit”.

“Most of the members didn't know how to use the emergency masks, so I was helping them get the emergency masks out of the bags and I helped teach a bunch of people how to put them on and how to use them,” he said. “I wasn't going to leave the stage until all the members were gone, so I waited until we could get them all out.”

The guardian contacted Mr. Crowe about Ms. Green's allegations.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene does not exist in the same reality as the rest of us,” he said in the report. “For those of us who were there on January 6th and actually defended the hall from violent insurgents, her view is patently false. He doesn't know what he's talking about.”

Other Democrats at the time supported Rep Crow's version, saying Business Insider for their efforts to help.

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva told the newspaper:You also saw members doing their part to facilitate our evacuation — Seth Moulton, Ruben Gallego, and four or five others I can't name who stepped up to help us get out of there and work with them the Capitol Police to make sure we were all safe.”

Rep. Gallego of Arizona echoed it, telling the outlet, “Ultimately what I did was I jumped up on a table and started instructing people on how to open the gas mask.”

The independent he was addressing Mrs. Green's office.