Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Burning Man Disaster Was ‘Act Of God’ And Trapped Revelers Are ‘Brainwashed’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has argued that Burning Man revelers are being “brainwashed” into believing the flush was caused by the climate crisis – which she claims was an act of God.

The Republican congresswoman and notorious conspiracy theorist joined fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Sunday night's Info Wars show, where they both launched into their beliefs about the Nevada desert festival.

“There are 73 to 75,000 in the Nevada desert right now at this Burning Man. They are locked in,” said the far-right MP.

“They're not allowed to leave and they're basically probably being brainwashed that climate change is the cause and it's going to destroy the Earth.”

He added: “And they are, they feel the panic. So what's going to happen, Alex?'

Ms Greene went on to argue that revelers would go home with their “stories to tell” about climate change, arguing that the Liberals would use the devastating event to launch their own “movement”.

“It's the same thing, the same way they start any kind of movement,” he said.

“After this is over and Burning Man and those 75,000 people have dispersed and are going back home, they're going to have these stories to tell and how terrible [it] it is also how we must do everything possible to stop climate change. It's man-made and it's carbon.”

He added: “It's the new lie the Left is going to put on the American people and try to hold them all back. [it]… that's what people are brainwashed into believing.”

Instead of admitting that extreme flooding is another result of climate change, Ms. Green and Jones — who was ordered to pay $1.44 billion after spreading lies that the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax — claimed that the festival had indeed been shaken by something. more divine.

“Well, you know, God has a way of making sure everybody knows who God is,” Ms. Green said.

Reveler wades through the mud at Burning Man


About 70,000 attendees were stranded at the Burning Man festival over the weekend after the Black Rock Desert was submerged by an unexpected storm.

Heavy rains turned the normally dry desert into a sea of ​​mud, prompting organizers to close the entrance to the festival and ask attendees who were already there to die.

Revelers were urged to conserve water, food and fuel and shelter until the storm passed.

Officials revealed Saturday that one person has died at the Nevada desert festival, sparking further fears for the safety of those trapped inside.

New details have now been released about the death with Burning Man Communications saying in a statement on Sunday that it was “not weather related”.

The organization said the man, believed to be in his 40s, was found on the playa on Friday.

First responders tried to revive him but he died.

The man's identity has not been released but his next of kin have been notified.

No further details are known at this time, with the Pershing County Sheriff's Office continuing to investigate the death.

While rain continued to fall on Sunday, event organizers expected better conditions on Monday and plan to open the venue to allow revelers to leave at some point during the day.

Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on Info Wars on Sunday

(Info Wars)

“We will be opening for Exodus on Monday morning 4/9. We will update the community once we have a decision by 9 a.m.,” Burning Man announced Sunday night.

The festival is also plowing ahead with plans to burn its iconic effigy later today after it was postponed due to heavy rain and flooding.

“Man burn will not be happening tonight, Sunday, it is now scheduled for Monday 9/4 at 9pm,” the festival said in an update on Sunday night.

Ms Green is not the only person to jump on the chaotic event with conspiracy theories.

The drama has also led to the spread of rampant – and debunked – theories online, including false claims of an Ebola outbreak.