Let’s talk about “Bluey” and its hypnotic power of attraction

If you have children under the age of 8, you not only know blue, You've probably seen its more than 140 chapters several times. If you have Disney Plus, of course.

And most importantly, you loved them.

If you didn't know the series, you're missing out. constructions teacher An animation that achieved something it didn't Pixar He managed to: make children fall in love, make parents fall in love and identify them with everyone everyday life year Proximity from their stories.

Yes, blue struck the perfect balance to appeal to all ages and did so with heavy doses of family reality, a 95% humor and 5% drama That, as things are, will make you cry. Yes, there are episodes of an animated series that destroy you, but they are as necessary as life itself. Without further ado, a chapter in which Bingo takes a leap of maturity and stops sleeping on his stuffed animal. A wonderful episode that should be broadcast in museums on a loop.

These are 7-8 minute chapters with standalone stories that tell the daily life of a dog family: Chili, Bandit and their two daughters Bluey and Bingo. From making a video call with your grandparents to going out for a ride, taking a car ride has its usual problems if it's done with kids. blue This is life itself, yes, starring dogs and always with positive and exemplary resolutions. Obviously, there is literature AspirationalWhich parents should try to achieve, but it is not as easy as in the pictures.

Now that's appreciated blue Have this bitter thought to give you It hits you in the heart when you least expect it. But they are accepted because everything has its own explanation and reason. blue this is what Peppa Pig It never happened because it didn't even try.

Yes, the fact that they are dogs helps the plots a lot, like them integration And, by the way, it serves as terrain funny It's easy when suddenly one of the characters scratches his ear without any explanation. They are simple details, but they add to the charm of a series that, in addition to being educational and exemplary, has become Source of Income. Without further ado, this Christmas there is no toy catalog without a trade. blue, That seemed to take over Paw Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Say it all if you haven't seen it blue, Put in a few chapters and enjoy without prejudice. And if you don't have kids, do it anyway.