Kimberly Guilfoyle’s interview takes a chilling turn when Newsmax host Trump calls her “potential father-in-law.”

A Newsmax interview quickly became awkward when Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle balked at the lack of certainty in the host's words when he said former President Donald Trump could be her “potential” future father-in-law.

Presenter Greg Kelly began the interview by asking Ms Guilfoyle about the impact of the Georgia election interference charges on Mr Trump – before it took an unexpected turn: “So it's obvious that this atrocity is unfolding, your would-be father-in-law is under arrest. ” But, you know what? Things are looking up.”

“Potential?” Mrs. Guilfoyle laughed in return. “Future father-in-law. Jesus.” The couple reportedly got engaged on New Year's Eve 2020.

After Kelly asked, “Is it sealed? Do we have a date?” Ms Guilfoyle replied, “Er, not that I'm sharing them on the air.”

“Fair enough. Hey, I'm glad. I didn't know. There's a ring. Awesome, that's great news,” Kelly said.

“We've been engaged for two years, baby, but we take this breaking news seriously. It's hysterical,” joked Ms Guilfoyle.

But Kelly pressed further: “Well, I mean, fine. Look, we need – what is he waiting for?”

“We need more Trumps,” Ms Guilfoyle said, laughing.

Then the moderator elaborated on the positive impact the Georgia arrest had on Mr Trump's poll numbers: “It's how biblical this comeback.”

“It's incredible. It's better than 2016. It's better and [he has] greater movement and momentum than 2020,” Ms Guilfoyle said. “Not only does he hold the base, but he drives the movement forward.”

She pointed to an Emerson survey “which is very credible,” she said.

The August 2023 Emerson Poll found that in a hypothetical duel between Mr Trump and President Joe Biden, 46 percent of voters would support Mr Trump and 44 percent would support Mr Biden; 10 percent said they were undecided.

What Mr Trump's potential future daughter-in-law failed to mention, however, was that the same poll showed “the lowest support yet for the former president” in any of Emerson's national polls; After the Republican primary debate, only 50 percent of Republican primary voters said they would vote for Mr. Trump.

In contrast, a poll earlier this month, on Aug. 19 — days after he was charged in the Fulton County, Georgia election investigation but before he was arrested — showed he received 56 percent of the vote.