Joe Biden will give a speech in Michigan to support striking auto workers

President Joe Biden will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to support striking auto workers.

Mr. Biden made a statement on X as the United Auto Workers expanded its strike to include multiple plants.

“On Tuesday, I will head to Michigan to join the picket line and stand in solidarity with the men and women of the UAW as they fight for a fair share of the value they have created,” he said. “It’s time for a win-win agreement that ensures American auto manufacturing thrives with good-paying UAW jobs.”

Earlier in the day, Mr. Biden's campaign released a video that quoted presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott criticizing Mr. Biden's support for union jobs.

Last week, Mr. Biden spoke out in support of auto workers as workers began the first strikes.

Leaders of the United Auto Workers had previously invited the president to join the picket line. Mr Biden's visit will be the first time in more than a century that a president has given such visible support to striking workers. The last president to do this was Theodore Roosevelt, who invited striking coal workers to the White House in 1902, Reuters reported.

Last week, Mr. Biden endorsed autoworkers. Mr. Biden has previously promised to be the “most pro-union” president. Mr Biden said auto companies had made record profits but workers had not reaped the benefits.

“These record profits, in my opinion, have not been fairly shared with these workers,” he said. “Auto workers…deserve a contract that supports them and the middle class.”

Mr. Biden's visit will come a day before former President Donald Trump's rally in Detroit instead of attending the second Republican presidential debate.