‘It hurts’ Dave Courtney records tragic video explaining why he took his own life

Former gangster Dave Courtney recorded an emotional video explaining why he was going to take his own life three months before his death.

The 64-year-old was found dead at his home in Plumstead, south-east London on Sunday.

On Tuesday night the two-minute video was posted on his social media platforms with a message saying he had planned to “ensure as little pain as possible for his loved ones”.

Courtney laughs on camera but describes the pain she was feeling


Kourtney opened up about the clip, which was shot in July, saying she had “taken the coward's way out”.

“Don't think about why I'm doing this… I'll tell you why,” he explains in a video shot in front of his extensive gun rack. “No woman problem or anything like that. hurt. And covering up a lot of pain.”

He explains to his camera that the arthritis is “crippling me” and has hidden his inability to walk down the stairs.

“I can't go up and down the stairs and get in and out of the car,” she says. “I don't enjoy it [life] currently. This is real and I don't want to lose a bad life I had. It was wonderful. Any day I can think back on it, it was funny and brilliant.”

“I don't enjoy it and I do what I want. That's really why I'm not here today. Do not worry. Please don't be sad.”

The former gangster left a message for his family and fans

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His official Facebook page released the latest video captioning the clip: “Following an examination of Dave's personal effects by Mr Brendan McGirr, a video was found which was filmed on 5th July 2023 at his home at Camelot Castle in Plumstead.

“The video clearly shows that Dave had not taken the decision to take his own life lightly and had gone into thorough planning and preparation to ensure as little pain as possible for his loved ones after his death.”

His long-time flatmate Brendan McGirr said Courtney spent his last night on earth watching England lose to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup semi-final.

He watched his beloved Charlton FC win on the Saturday before his death


Mr McGirr revealed Courtney's last words were that she was joking about England losing at the last minute, telling his friend “that's typical, I'm going to bed”.

His family released a statement to X saying: “On October 22, 2023, Dave made the decision to stop riding.

“He had lived an incredible, colorful, rock ‘n' roll life in which he touched the hearts of so many.

“The physical pain of the lifestyle he chose, especially with the pain of both cancer and arthritis in his later years, became too much.”

Courtney, who claimed to be an associate of the infamous Kray twins, was rumored to be the inspiration behind the character of Vinnie Jones in Guy Ritchie's gangster film Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels.

However, he changed his life of crime to become a writer. He published six books and starred in a movie called Hell To Pay.

The Metropolitan Police are currently treating the death as unexpected and are under investigation.

If you are feeling distressed or struggling to cope, you can talk to the Samaritans, in confidence, on 116 123 (UK and ROI), email [email protected] or visit the Samaritans Website to find details of your nearest branch.