I’m a Celebrity: The horrifying reason why contestants wear red socks during the show

It’s official, ITV’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! line-up has been revealed and contestants will soon be taking on the challenges of the jungle.

It has been a tradition for contestants in the jungle to wear their trademark camper gear.

The gear includes red pants or shorts, a red waistcoat and red socks… but there seems to be a rather disturbing reason for the red socks.

In an interview with Women’s Own during a past season of I’m A Celeb… the show’s medic, Bob McCarron explained that red socks are worn to disguise bloodstains.

During the show, campmates are likely to be bitten by all kinds of creepy crawlies, including leeches and to spare viewers from seeing such unsettling blood marks on contestants, they are required to wear red socks to mask it.

Another health-related problem McCarron previously highlighted was fungus and the impact it has on contestants.

Speaking on the spin-off series Extra Camp, he said: “Most people think of fungus as mushrooms but we have problems with the cast every year – especially women growing fungus on certain body parts [breasts].”

“I’ve been instructing them to use the shower and personal hygiene a little bit more often,” McCarron added, as reported by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

In 2022, McCarron officially said goodbye as the show’s medic after two decades.

At the time, a spokesperson for ITV said: “Bob will always be a friend to the show. We wish him all the very best and thank him for his hard work.”

I’m a Celebrity 2023 line-up has been revealed


I’m A Celebrity 2023 is set is launch on Sunday 19 November.

This year’s line-up includes TV Presenter Josie Gibson, soap star Jamie-Lynn Spears and controversial former politician Nigel Farage.

The former UKIP leader acknowledged that “millions hate” him, but told ITV he hopes to dispel public “misconceptions” that he is “mean spirited”.

He said: “My crime was to stand against an establishment view and I was for many years the lone voice saying Europe wasn’t where we should be, so I have been a little bit demonised. I am hoping those who hate me might hate me a little bit less afterwards. But it’s a gamble.”

“And the idea that somehow the things I represent – mean-spirited, small-minded, nasty, the ‘little Englander’ – all those accusations that have been flung at me over the years just aren’t true.

“If we can dispel some of those misconceptions, then that will be a good thing too,” he added.

Excited to step into the jungle, Jamie-Lynn said this was an opportunity to “be myself and do something really cool and have some awesome experiences in the meantime.”

Read all about this year’s line-up here.