Hundreds of Britons have been stranded on a holiday island as deadly floods hit Greece

British tourists have been stranded on a Greek holiday island after torrential rain caused flash floods across the country.

Vacationers to Skiathos island have “no way to get food” as many are currently unable to get to the airport.

Police have ordered all residents and tourists to stay off the streets and the island's mayor has filed a request for a state of emergency to be declared, local media reported.

Homes were damaged by the floods, while hotels were hit by power outages.

A car is submerged under water during a storm on Mount Pelion near Volos, Greece


A stranded tourist said the center of Skiathos was “under water” and described the situation as “extremely frightening”.

“I am in the center of Skiathos and it is under water. No flights have landed or taken off since yesterday morning, none, nada, zip, zero! …it's unbelievably and excruciatingly scary and the airport has no communications,” they said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, another tourist said in a post on Facebook that after his resort was flooded, he “didn't have any way of getting food”.

It is unconfirmed if flights to or from Skiathos have been cancelled.

Dangerous sea conditions have also caused ferries to and from the island to be halted, leaving many passengers unsure about catching their flight home in the next few days.

Jet2 has advised customers that staff are “aware of the weather conditions currently affecting Skiathos” and are “monitoring the situation very closely in the interest of our customers”.

Storm Daniel has been battering western and central Greece since Monday, sparking hundreds of calls to emergency services to pump out water. This comes just days after a deadly forest fire in the north of the country that has been burning for more than two weeks was brought under control.

A fallen tree is seen in a flooded river during a storm in the city of Volos, Greece.


Floods were reported in the villages of Agria, Portaria, Tsangarada and Stagiates, where power supplies were unstable, while on the island of Corfu, power supplies were cut off by the storm.

Thunder and lightning also hit the islands of Skopelos and Alonissos.

Meanwhile, a man died after a wall collapsed on him during bad weather near the city of Volos in mainland Greece. According to the Athens News Agency, the wall collapsed when the man, a rancher, was trying to get at his animals.

Another man has been reported missing in Volos and is believed to have been swept away by the flood, fire department spokesman Ioannis Artopoios told Skai Television.

“His son got out (of the car) but the father was carried away and a search operation is ongoing,” Artopoios said.

The authorities have restricted traffic in the wider area of ​​Volos.

The flooding came a month after forest fires swept through Greece and many other parts of Europe. Thousands of people have been evacuated from towns and villages across Greece after wildfires spread to Corfu, Rhodes, Euboea, Crete and the northern Peloponnese region of Greece.

The country's worst fire occurred on the island of Rhodes, where around 19,000 people were evacuated in several places.

According to local police, 16,000 people were evacuated by land and 3,000 by sea from 12 villages and several hotels.

A forest fire in the Evros region that burned for more than two weeks was brought under control this week. The operation was managed by 741 firefighters, supported by 124 vehicles and two aircraft.

The fire is blamed for the deaths of 20 people, believed to be migrants who recently crossed the border.

The fire, which broke out near the northeastern city of Alexandroupoli on Aug. 19 and combined with other fires to form a massive conflagration, burned more than 93,000 hectares (230,000 acres) of land as of Sunday, making it the largest single blaze on record became an EU country since records began in 2000.