Humza Yousaf has scheduled 14 bills in the first Schedule for the Government

The Scottish Government is set to bring a total of 14 bills to Holyrood over the next 12 months, as revealed on Humza Yousaf's Program for Government.

New legislation will be introduced to criminalize misogynistic abuse – with the First Minister saying it follows Baroness Helena Kennedy's work on the issue.

However, Mr Yousaf added that this legislation could only be part of the answer to tackling abuse and harassment faced by women and girls – as he stressed the “need to build a society where men feel confident in to take a stand against misogyny.”

He told MSPs: “Men, all of us, myself included, need to do more than just call out negative male behaviour.”

An Education Bill will be introduced to create a new qualifications body for Scotland and to establish an independent education inspectorate.

And ministers will introduce a housing bill, with Mr Youssef saying it will “introduce long-term rent controls and new tenants' rights”, as well as introducing new duties to prevent homelessness.

A human rights bill would seek to incorporate international economic, social and cultural rights into Scottish law, “within devolved remit”, the Program for Government said.

Here Mr Yousaf said: “As part of our mission to promote equality, we will improve the protection of human rights through our Human Rights Bill.”

A land reform bill is proposed to improve transparency around land ownership in Scotland, with this First Minister adding that it will also seek to give “more opportunities for communities to own land”.

In addition, this legislation will seek to modernize tenant farming and smallholding legislation.

Mr Yousaf also pledged to create a “new framework for rural support” with the Agriculture Bill.

Meanwhile, a Scottish Languages ​​Bill will provide legal recognition for both Gaelic and Scots and strengthen requirements for the provision of Gaelic-medium education – where children are taught in Gaelic.

And an investment recovery bill would allow the government to take emergency action to deal with unsafe investment materials that “pose a risk to life”, the program said.

Ministers are also drawing up legislation on Scotland's total materials tax, with a bill setting out the basic arrangements for a devolved tax, as the Social Security (Amendment) Bill will allow the government to reclaim devolved social security from third-party compensation Wrong is the reason for the payments made.

Elsewhere, an electoral reform bill will seek to improve the law covering elections to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish councils, while there will also be legislation to update the law on the appointment and oversight of judicial officers – who are appointed by the Court of Session for the management and administration of the estate in a number of circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Gender Representation on Public Boards Corrective Action Bill will remove the definition of “woman” from section 2 of the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 following a judicial review.

And, as always, the Government will present a Budget Bill, setting out its tax and spending plans for the coming year.

In addition, ministers will also back an MP's bill from Green MSP Gillian Mackay, which aims to create buffer zones around abortion clinics.

The Government will also bring back the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill for review after the UK High Court ruled that some parts of that legislation were outside Holyrood's powers.

And the Scottish Government will support Green MSP Mark Ruskell to bring back the European Charter of Local Government (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill, after the same happened with this legislation.