Home Alone 3 trailer dupes fans into thinking Macaulay Culkin takes revenge on Wet Bandits

Home Alone fans have been stunned by a parody trailer that recreates the 1990 Christmas classic 33 years later.

In the original film, starring Macaulay Culkin, the mischievous eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left home alone for Christmas. He comes up against the criminal duo called the Wet Bandits, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) and tries to outwit them with his cunning plan to defends his suburban Chicago home against them.

The Christmas film was recreated once more in 1992, with Culkin starring as Kevin in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, but the rest of the movies in the franchise have largely been written off by die-hard fans because the third and fourth versions use different actors to play Kevin.

However, a YouTube content creator has imagined what would happen if the original actors who played Kevin, Harry and Marv reunited 30 years later when an adult Kevin takes his revenge on the criminal duo once and for all.

The parody trailer titled: Home Alone 3: Kevin’s Revenge sees a spoof “Motion Pictures Association of America” screen emerge, with the words: “This following preview has been approved for filthy animals by the Motion Picture Association of America,” referring to the iconic punchline: “Keep the change you filthy animal” that is used in the film.

In the opening scene of the parody trailer, an adult Kevin opens a Christmas card from the Wet Bandits that reads: “We’re back little buddy.” Then, he spots the duo’s silver “Oh-Kay” van they would use to drive around the suburban neighbourhood to suss out what families had left their houses empty during the holiday season and were subsequently safe to burgle.

In the opening scene, Culkin, playing an adult Kevin opens a Christmas card from the Wet Bandits that reads: ‘We’re back little buddy’

(YouTube / VJ4rawr2)

In another clip, Kevin confronts his mother, who was played by Catherine O’Hara in the original franchise, recalling the trauma he experienced when he was left home alone all those years ago.

“The day you left, I had to defend our house – I was just a kid and you left me home alone,” an adult Kevin made with special effects tells him mum.

The Wet Bandits are then released from prison after decades of jail time for their robbery offences, and Harry (Pesci), tells the camera that Kevin is going to “pay”.

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(20th Century Fox / YouTube)

Kevin decides to do what he does best: booby-trap his whole house with clever – yet extremely brutal – pranks to stop the criminals in their tracks.

Then, Kevin’s older brother, the moody teenage Buzz, played by Devin Ratray in the original film, is now grown-up and working as a local police officer. He backs his brother up when he ignores reports of a grown man booby-trapping his suburban house and capturing two elderly men, who are Harry and Marv.

In the video’s description on YouTube, the creator, who goes by the username VJ4rawr2, explained that the video was created by “splicing together existing content, adding voiceovers, effects work, and heavy editing”.

They reminded viewers: “This is not a real trailer. It’s a parody concept. That means it’s not real.”