Historic agreement concluded between Israel and Saudi Arabia

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Israel and Saudi Arabia are “on the verge” of a historic agreement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said something similar yesterday in an interview with Fox News. “Every day we move closer to a normalized relationship with Israel,” he told the American television channel. “The biggest historic deal since the end of the Cold War,” he called an imminent deal.

Fourth Arab country

Saudi Arabia, like many Arab countries, has never maintained diplomatic relations with Israel. The populations of many Arab countries are strongly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli. But Saudi Arabia will not be the first Arab country to establish ties with Israel.

Also deal with Iran

An agreement with Saudi Arabia is therefore part of a trend, but nonetheless remains very significant. The country is the world's largest oil producer and has growing influence in the region.

Plus, the timing is quite striking. A few months ago, the Saudis reestablished ties with Iran, until then their main enemy. And because Iran also poses a major threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Israel have already secretly collaborated against it, for example by sharing information.

America's role

America's role appears to be major in securing the impending deal. Both countries are important allies of the Americans.

A deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia would be seen as a major diplomatic victory for President Biden.

What does Saudi Arabia want?

In exchange, Saudi Arabia would like to have access to modern American weapons and help develop a nuclear program for peaceful purposes. The country would also demand concessions from the Palestinians and security guarantees from the United States.