How to Use Google Maps to Decide When to Travel for Thanksgiving

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Google According to blog posts from Wednesday morning, Maps is rolling out new features and tips on when to travel during the holiday season to reduce stress and travel time.

The travel advice is based on data from last year's Thanksgiving season, so in addition to the real-time travel estimates provided by Google Maps, it gives you a better idea of ​​when to plan to be on the road.

The company's blog post says that new updates will start rolling out in the next few weeks.

More than One billion people Use Google Maps every month and Google has tried to constantly update the service to make traveling easier. These holiday tools are the second batch of Google Maps updates in the last month. At the end of October, the company announced some new and sophisticated features, such as Immersive View, which allows you to virtually travel around the city.

Thanksgiving trip

Thanksgiving travelers should avoid the roads on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the big day between 4 and 5 p.m. and instead try to travel after 8 p.m. (all local time) on Monday or Tuesday, according to Google Maps. If you plan to drive on Thanksgiving Day, your best bet is to travel before noon or after 4 p.m.

Shoppers should be aware that the least busy times for Black Friday shopping trips are before noon or after 7 p.m. The worst part of the day is between 3 and 4 p.m.

When you go home for the weekend, the optimal time to leave is around 7 or 8 pm local time. And the worst is between 3 and 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Google Maps offers some more tips in this blog post for the best times to find bakeries and grocery stores throughout the holiday season, as well as how to avoid rush hour at the post office.

Emoji usage and more information about transportation

One of the new features is designed so you don't have to worry about where to meet up with friends and family. You can share a place with friends, and then people in the group can leave an emoji like a heart or a thumbs up to express their opinion. This is a subsection of the existing list function that allows you to save locations.

The new tool is coming to iOS and Android in the next few weeks.

Google Maps also allows for more discourse when discussing their content. People can react to a photo, video or review with an emoji, and others can see their reaction. Google Maps says it's trying to help its users make “more informed decisions,” and that rollout is starting now.

Google Maps allows users to respond with emoji.


Google Maps also allows users to get a more detailed experience with their transit route. You can list criteria such as journey length, walking distance and number of stops, and Google Maps will tell you the best route. The feature will debut on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks.