Fred Sirieix slams Nigel Farage’s Brexit poster on I’m A Celebrity

Nigel Farage and Fred Sirieix clash over I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as they entered into a heated debate on Brexit.

During Monday's episode, tensions rose as First Dates presenter Sirieix described a poster used by the Ukip party leader during the 2016 campaign as “disgraceful”.

As they discussed politics, French TV star Sirieix asked: “What is the benefit of Brexit then? If you're an average person from Britain, what's the benefit?'

Farage replied: “To know we are independent, we stand on our feet in the world.”

Recalling a poster showing a long queue of migrants with the slogan Breaking Point, Sirieix added: “The issue is the intolerance that came because Brexit was about immigration, I remember your poster.

“I thought it was a shame what you did Nigel. Shameful.”

Sirieix added that he felt it was “demonising immigrants”, to which Farage replied: “In your view it was, but it wasn't.”

Speaking to the Bush Telegraph, the former politician turned GB News presenter said: “I knew it wouldn't be long, I knew politics would rear its head as it did. And Fred feels very strongly about it.”

As the debate continued, other housemates left them to wash their dishes, with food critic Grace Dent telling Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard: ‘Brexit was his whole idea. It is his special subject. Fred's not going to change his mind about anything.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Sirieix said: “Nigel Farage is in the jungle with me so we will have that debate but at the end of the day nothing is going to change, Nigel believes what he believes, I believe what I believe. It was only a matter of time.”

Farage also took a jab at former prime minister Boris Johnson after This Morning presenter Josie Gibson asked how he was doing personally.

He replied: “Having fun in small doses. (He is) surprisingly introverted. You see this big act, the fluff of the hair – surprise.”

Asked if the former prime minister was “crazy in real life,” he added: “I think he's one of the most disorganized human beings who ever lived.

“The whole thing is a bloody mess. Slaughterhouse.”

Elsewhere, Farage topped a pizza with four different animal penises as he did his first bustier test.

He teamed up with YouTuber Nella Rose for Jungle Pizzeria, earning nine out of ten stars for their efforts.

Among the various other unsavory side dishes Farage ate were camel and sheep breast, cow and goat feet and mixed bull's tongue.

As Rose tried not to throw up while trying dishes including giant mealworms and flies, Farage gave her words of encouragement.

For his final meal, Farage had to eat a slice of sheep, pig, bull and crocodile penis – which earned him his fifth and final gold star.

I'm a celebrity… Get me out of here! continues on Tuesdays at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.