Five ways to find the best HR software for SMEs

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Business Reporter: Personio

In the interview above, Geraldine MacCarthy, Chief Revenue Officer at Personio, recommends that organizations “think about how they digitize their workforce and their workflows to really get value from what they do… to become a source of competitive advantage.”

How do you make digitization a success for your business? It starts with partnering with a solution that offers the leading capabilities to meet the needs of today's highest performing HR teams.

To give you a leg up on the competition, we've outlined the top features every HR team should expect from a great HR software.

Finding the ideal HR software can be a unique challenge for UK companies. However, there are some non-negotiables that your team needs to get your HR in shape.

1. Absence management

Every team needs a way to record absences. From sick days to holidays, great HR software should make it easy to request absences, approve them, generate reports, and automatically calculate entitlements, accruals, and policies for your unique organization.

2. Employee data management

Regardless of the size of your organization, management of your employees' data well it's critical. Your HR software should provide a streamlined and secure way for employees to add data and make changes, and for your HR team to house things like contracts and bonuses.

3. Time tracking

Many companies rely on outdated or cumbersome time tracking processes. A great HR software should make it easy for your employees to record and track their time in a single system – ideally from their phones. Time tracking should never be a waste of time.

4. Performance management

Here's a fundamental truth: top talent requires development. Studies show that performance conversations matter to your top performers. Performance management software it allows you to run automated performance cycles, collect feedback from multiple sources, and enable your managers to have more productive conversations.

5. Human resource support office and service provision

One Human resources support office is an incredibly important way of aggregating and streamlining employee requests. In it, your teams can respond to employee requests, keep them on file, and even automate answers to your most popular questions using artificial intelligence.

The biggest benefits of HR software for UK SMEs

The business case for an HR software solution is multifaceted. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits worth mentioning:

  • All your data in one place: The strongest case for HR software is having one place for all your employee data. This is especially important when it comes to data security or things like running payroll or housing contracts.
  • Enable growth at scale: A great HR software should grow with your needs. It can house all your data and then use it to create reports for your executives or board members. Times change and your solution must change with it.
  • Recruit and onboard top talent: Recruiting and onboarding talent are table stakes for HR software. It can seamlessly automate your recruiting processes so your next great candidate doesn't slip through your fingers.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention: HR software can help automate, innovate and optimize all key moments in the employee lifecycle. This can help increase both employee satisfaction and your retention numbers.
  • Cost savings and ROI: You knew this 83 percent of your employees waste up to eight hours a week on repetitive admin tasks? HR software can give teams time and money back. In fact, 60 percent of Personio customers see a full return on their investment within a year.

The ideal HR software for UK SMEs

Deciding to invest in HR software is a big deal. With Personio's all-in-one solution, you get access to a range of features that can help you take your team's HR work to the next level.

It covers everything from storing employee information to managing your entitlements and absences, tracking time, and hiring and onboarding employees. There is a reason 10,000+ companies across Europe, you trust us to make time for what matters most: people.

Personio is the ideal HR software for UK SMEs. Learn more about us today.