Father recreates Beyoncé’s dress for daughter to wear at Renaissance World Tour

One father made his daughter’s “Sweet Dreams” come true.

If not for her dad’s gracious act, TikToker Geselle Valera wouldn’t have known what to wear to Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour show on 29 July in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The daughter exposed the behind-the-scenes footage of how she came to don a remarkable replica of one of the “Love on Top” singer’s famed tour looks on her page.

Valera published footage of her father, Jose Peralta, constructing her outfit on 1 August. “My dad made my outfit for the Beyoncé concert,” her on-screen caption read.

Speaking to Insider, the young woman confessed she and her cousin Mag were desperately trying to find the perfect outfit three days before the concert. The idea was to find something silver, but everything she favoured on Amazon wouldn’t arrive on time or was already sold out.

When Mag spotted a dress with material that looked identical to the one Beyoncé wore in Stockholm on 10 May, a light went on in Peralta’s head as he started thinking of how he could reconfigure it to look like the Grammy winner’s.

Valera showed her father pinning the fabric on her at their dining room table and using his sewing machine while sitting on the couch. A photo of Beyoncé in the dress appeared to display “the inspo” before Valera exposed the finished product, which she teamed with tall metallic boots.

The video, which has gained over 1.1 million views, drew in widespread commentary from awed online users.

“This dad needs to be protected at all costs,” one follower wrote, while another said: “Your dad has phenomenal skills, and you look amazing in what he made!”

“He did great, you look great,” someone else noted.

According to the outlet, Peralta’s been sewing since he was 13. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he immigrated to the United States in his mid-30s, working side tailoring jobs to support his children’s education.

“Without his side job, I wouldn’t have been able to live the life I did or get the education I did,” Valera proclaimed.

The Independent has contacted Valera for a comment.