Speedo’s space-tech swimsuits will take Australian swimmers to Paris in 2024

Australia's formidable swimming team, the Dolphins, are gearing up for the Paris 2024 Olympics with a new addition to their arsenal – Speedo's latest Fastskin swimwear.

The world launch of this latest swimwear could be the secret weapon that propels Australia's dominant team to unprecedented heights.

The Dolphins won a remarkable nine gold medals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, surpassing the 13 they won at this year's World Championships in Fukuoka.

Impressively, three-quarters of the world records set in 2023 were achieved by swimmers wearing Speedo Fastskin swimwear.

The updated range features a coating developed by Lamoral Space Tech, originally designed to protect satellites. The technology enhances endurance, allowing swimmers to maintain peak performance race after race.

The men's and women's Fastskin LZR wetsuits are World Aquatics approved, making them compliant with swimming's governing body, and are designed to be Speedo's most waterproof ever, thanks to Lamoral's satellite-grade coating.

In 2008, Speedo sparked controversy with its original LZR Racer suit, which was developed with the help of NASA.

Athletes wearing the suit have set world records, but critics have branded it “technological doping”, prompting new rules to ban body-length swimsuits.

Competing with brands such as Arena and TYR Sport, Speedo's new suits incorporate waterproof technology to reduce friction and drag, a crucial factor in competitive swimwear. TYR Sport suits use “Surface Lift Technology” while Arena uses carbon fiber materials and “Hydroglide” fabric.

Speedo suits designed for professional swimmers are now available online.

Women's suits start at $780, and men's suits start at $490.

The swimmers, including record holder Emma McKeon, are looking forward to the next competition.

McKeon, who won seven medals in Tokyo, including four golds, is ready to test the new suit in competition, saying the suit is “faster than ever”.

Kayleigh McKeown, named Female Swimmer of the Year, set multiple world records in 2023, while rising star Molly O'Callaghan won five gold medals at world titles, setting the oldest world record in women's swimming.

Ariarne Titmus, famous for her sensational victory over Katie Ledecky in Tokyo, and breaststroker Zach Stubblet-Cook are among the Speedo-backed swimmers who will be showing off the new suits in pre-Olympics races.

As the Dolphins prepare for the Olympics, a bespoke green and gold Australian design of the Fastskin swimsuit will be released.