Dixie D’Amelio called out after admitting one of her life goals

Dixie D’Amelio has sparked criticism from her followers after admitting that she doesn’t “want to work anymore”.

In the most recent episode of the 22-year-old TikTok star’s family reality show on Hulu The D’Amelio Show, she explained that one of her life goals is to “marry rich” so she no longer has to work. The comments have prompted fans to call out her privilege, especially in regards to how her job compares to others.

“My biggest goal professionally is probably to marry rich,” D’Amelio said in a confessional. “Like, I really don’t want to work anymore.”

Many people across both TikTok and X, formerly known as Twitter, questioned why she would make a comment like this considering her current net worth. According to Forbes, D’Amelio had earnings of $11.5m in 2023. In 2022, Forbes noted that the family brought home $70m in earnings over the past two years. “Me when Dixie D’Amelio says she wants to marry rich so she doesn’t have to work anymore when her family is worth $32 MILLION,” one post on X read.

“Nothing puts a fire in me like hearing Dixie D’Amelio, a 22-year-old multi-millionaire, say that her biggest goal is to marry rich because she ‘doesnt want to work anymore,’ like please have some self-awareness,” another person wrote.

“Not Dixie D’Amelio saying her goal is to marry rich so she doesn’t have to work,” someone else tweeted. “Her net worth is over $10m. Make it make sense. What a joke.”

One person on TikTok with the username @.its.sarah0 agreed, writing, “Girl your yearly salary is higher than a doctor. YOU are rich already, you could retire now and live a luxurious life.”

Prior to the release of her family’s reality show, D’Amelio gained fame on TikTok alongside her youngest sister Charli, who is the second most followed person on the platform. Shortly after achieving TikTok fame, she signed with United Talent Agency, where she was able to start a podcast, begin an acting career, and sign a record deal.

Those who didn’t bring up the money D’Amelio and her family already have were quick to question what exactly her “work” is. One TikTok read, “When Dixie D’Amelio says she doesn’t want to work anymore (make TikToks) while the average American worker spends one third of their life at work and still can’t afford rent.”

Some people turned the conversation to influencers as a whole, noting that they can often make more than a traditional job.

Others took D’Amelio’s age and income and compared it to the average 22 year old, who may still be in college or working an entry-level job. “Dixie D’Amelio is complaining about how she ‘doesn’t want to work anymore’ meanwhile most 18-22 year olds are working nine to 12 hour shifts, five to six days a week, barely making $500 biweekly and will probably have to do that for the rest of their life bc yk…not everyone is worth $30m…” one TikToker wrote.

As of now, D’Amelio has not addressed the backlash. The Independent has contacted a representative for D’Amelio for comment.

Another 22 year old recently went viral for talking about her struggles as someone who just graduated from college and started her first full-time job. Brielle, who goes by the username @brielleybelly123 on the platform, posted a video with text across the screen that read: “QOTD (question of the day) in a 9-5 how do u have time for ur life.”

In her TikTok, Brielle explained how she has no time or energy to “do anything” as a commuter who gets on the train at 7.30am and gets home at 6.15pm at the earliest.

Brielle wondered how other 9-to-5 workers have made time for friends or dating, considering she believes she doesn’t have time to cook dinner for herself. “I don’t have time for anything and I’m like so stressed out,” she said.