Detroit police officer charged in fatal punch

A Detroit police officer has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after punching a 71-year-old man who later died.

Juwan Marquise-Alexander Brown, 29, could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted in the death of Daryl Vance, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced Tuesday.

Police responded to a Detroit bowling alley the night of Sept. 1 after a call about Vance behaving “disorderly” out front, prosecutors said.

Mr Brown and Vance allegedly engaged in a “verbal altercation” before the officer punched Vance in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement.

It is not clear how the dispute escalated to the point of violence.

Juwan Marquise-Alexander Brown, 29, has been disbarred and could serve up to 15 years in prison

(Michigan State Police)

Vance was rushed to the hospital and remained there for about three weeks before he was pronounced dead on September 21.

Prosecutors said an autopsy showed he died of blunt force trauma to the head from the punch.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy said the evidence “shows that the officer was allegedly the aggressor”.

“His actions went criminally beyond what was necessary in this situation. This behavior cannot be tolerated by our law enforcement authorities,” he said.

Brown was fired from the Detroit Police Department after the incident, but plans to appeal his firing, according to NBC News.

The incident occurred outside the Garden Bowl in Midtown Detroit

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“Mr. Brown is exercising his contractual right to appeal the termination decision. During the pendency of the appeal, if requested, Mr. Brown will remain off the DPD payroll and have no law enforcement authority,” it said the Department.

Detroit Police Chief James White said the decision to suspend Brown came after a review of his body camera footage showed the officer repeatedly asking Vance to leave the area, which he refused to do. does.

“In the video, it appears to show the subject punching the officer in the head and the officer responding by punching the subject in the jaw area,” Mr White said, according to The Detroit News.

“This caused the person to fall and possibly hit their head on the ground.”

During Mr. Brown's arraignment on Wednesday, his lawyer asked for personal bail, arguing that he has no criminal record, is not a flight risk, has extensive ties to the Detroit area and has a seven-year-old son at home, ABC . News mentionted.

The judge eventually set Mr. Brown's personal bond at $100,000.

A probable cause conference in the case is scheduled for Jan. 3.