“Move immediately”: fire warning

Residents of a small southern Queensland community are being asked to “evacuate immediately” as dangerous bushfires sweep through the area.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service issued an emergency on Sunday morning in The Pines area, near Milmeran in the Southern Downs region.

“Move immediately,” QFES bluntly states.

“Your life may be in danger. Soon it will be too dangerous to drive.”

“If you don't have somewhere safe to go, there is a shelter at Wylahra Grove Progress Recreation Hall, 72 Primrose Drive in Millmerran Downs.”

“Avoid driving on Pine Ridge Road.”

The fire is currently threatening properties between Flamingo Road, Rosella Avenue, Scrubby Creek Boondanilla Rd to Gore Highway.

Firefighters are battling a blaze west of Toowoomba with the help of firefighting aircraft.

The warning paints a poor picture of fire danger to residents.

“Firefighters may not be able to stop the fire,” the warning said.

“Don't wait for the fireman at your door.

“Electricity, water and mobile phone services may stop working soon.

“Smoke makes it difficult to see and breathe. The smoke will blind you.

“It's going to be hot and loud. You may hear explosions nearby.

“The sky is getting dark. You may be isolated. “

A smoke avoidance warning is also in place for Tuchekoi, Kandanga, Imbili, Carters Range, Federal and surrounding areas due to the Tuchekoi Mountain fire.

No properties are currently under threat, but QFES is advising affected residents to “stay inside and keep windows and doors closed”.

“Keep breathing equipment close at hand. Get your bushfire survival plan in place now. If you don't have a bushfire survival plan, draw one up on the QFES website.

“Avoid driving in smoke if possible. Watch out for firefighters working in the area.”

A number of fires are now burning across the South Downs region as the country prepares for a potentially devastating fire season.

Widely respected NSW fire captain Leonardo Fransen was tragically killed on Thursday while battling a blaze in the state's north, close to the Queensland border.

Captain Fransen was hit by a falling tree while fighting the Hudson Fire.

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