Bride warms hearts after having 104-year-old grandfather serve as ring bearer at her wedding

A bride has melted hearts everywhere after asking her 104-year-old grandfather to be ring bearer at her wedding.

In a video posted to TikTok, professional makeup artist Heather Fair shared footage from her recent wedding in South Carolina. The clip showed Fair and her now-husband standing at the altar as she was dressed in a white, off-the-shoulder wedding gown and white veil. While holding hands, the couple looked down the aisle to see Fair’s grandfather walking towards them with the wedding bands.

“We’re gonna have Mr Cecil Lowry, United States Army sergeant, to come up here and bring the rings,” the officiant told the crowd, as Fair’s grandfather was escorted by two men to the altar.

The bride couldn’t help but shed a few tears as her grandpa presented the rings. She kissed him on the cheek, while her fiancé shook her grandfather’s hand.

“HE MADE IT Y’ALL,” Fair captioned her TikTok, which has been viewed more than one million times since it was posted on 12 September. “I prayed for this for months. What a gift. God is good!”

Many viewers rushed to the comments section, where they expressed how grateful they were for Fair to experience the special moment with her 104-year-old grandfather.

“He saw you grow up to be a very beautiful bride. He is beaming with pride,” commented one TikTok user.

“What a special moment for you,” another person said.

“I am CRYING!!” a third user wrote. “This is the sweetest thing!!! I’m so glad he got to be there!”

“Someone is cutting onions again,” another TikToker said, while someone else commented: “If you didn’t shed a tear at this you have a stone heart.”

While this bride was able to include her grandfather in her special day, another bride recently went viral over her decision not to invite her maid-of-honour to her bachelorette party.

Last August, a woman took to Reddit to ask the popular “Am I the A**hole” forum whether she was in the wrong for telling her maid-of-honour, who is also her sister, that she hated her bachelorette party and was having another one without her. The bride discovered that her sister had excluded the rest of the bridal party from planning the bachelorette party because “it should be the MOH’s job,” she wrote.

Her sister showed up with a fully booked plan, before the others could even start discussing ideas, because “the whole party was supposed to be a surprise”. Her sister opted for “some sort of spa and planned to get nails done and some face masks”, something the bride-to-be didn’t particularly want for the party.

Instead, the bride and her friends ended up planning another party, which “couldn’t have gone better”. However, she said she didn’t invite her sister, which ultimately upset her sibling and the rest of their family.

“Shouldn’t a bachelorette party be for the bride?” she wrote. The bride later revealed that her sister was actually jealous because she was the only sibling not married, and “she wanted to feel like a bride too.”

The bride said they ultimately “both agreed that would be the best decision” for her sister to step down as maid-of-honour.

The Independent has contacted Fair for comment.