Best smoked salmon 2023: Classic, oak smoked and more

While some of us are smoked salmon fans day in and day out, others reserve this slice of luxury for special occasions. Christmas morning is the perfect example, as a few slices of smoked salmon work as a great little treat for your festive breakfast. Whether you’re pairing with scrambled eggs, in place of bacon, making eggs royale or topping your cream cheese bagel, there’s plenty that can be done with smoked salmon to start Christmas Day right.

Not a big breakfast person? No problem at all because smoked salmon adds a fragrant flavour to pasta dishes, as well as working wonders when weaved into canapés.

But choosing the best smoked salmon is tricky as there are so many options on the market and you’ll likely find yourself spoiled for choice. There are packs of classic smoked salmon, oak smoked, ones with lemon and pepper, and some brands are even curing with the likes of beetroot.

Christmas will be here before you know it, and for many families, smoked salmon will be high up on the food shopping list. As usual, we are on hand to help you source the most scrumptious slice of smoked salmon to start your big day in the best way.

How we tested

From boutique buys to supermarket saves, we’ve tested smoked salmon from all around

(Amira Arasteh)

We wanted to properly assess the taste of each smoked salmon offering, while also seeing how it would pair in popular dishes we might opt to eat come the Christmas season. Trying meals such as scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, enjoying a classic salmon and cream cheese bagel, or throwing it in a pot with some cream cheese and pasta – the sky was the limit. We were looking to evaluate the perfect balance of smokiness and saltiness while ensuring nothing was overpoweringly fishy or tough in texture.

The best smoked salmon 2023:

  • Best smoked salmon overall – M&S collection maple and peppercorn smoked salmon: £5.50,
  • Best budget buy – Asda zesty lemon and pepper smoked salmon: £3.75,
  • Best luxe smoked salmon – Fortnum & Mason’s farmed Scottish smoked salmon: £14,
  • Best wild smoked salmon – Leap smoked sockeye salmon: £6.37,