Best heated clothes airers 2023, tried and tested

If you hate living with laundry draped over your radiators but you don’t fancy the running costs of a tumble dryer, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a middle ground.

It’s called a heated airer and it looks like a regular airer, except the rails heat up when you plug the unit into a power socket. It’s estimated they cost between 10p to 20p an hour to run, making them cheaper to run than a tumble dryer.

Clothes dry faster over these spaced-out rails than they would on radiators, and they’re far kinder on the stitching and the material of your garments than tumble dryers, so you’re saving not just on running costs but the cost of replacing clothing ruined by spinning in the dryer.

As heated airers have grown in popularity, shown by the fact they can often be quite hard to get hold of in the winter months, they’ve evolved greatly in design.

There are ones with wings, large three-tier ones and drying pods aimed at people who are short on space. Some of them have covers to trap hot air inside a confined space, which helps to dry the clothes faster.

The only thing to be mindful of is you need to remember to fully spin the clothes (or drip dry hand-washed clothes) first, as water and electricity should never mix.

To help you find the best heated clothes airers to suit your laundry and living space demands, we’ve tested a variety of sizes and shapes. Finally, the fabled bottom of your laundry basket might be something you actually see, because when you know you can easily dry clothes, you’re more inclined to put a wash on.

Running a heated clothes airer cost between an estimated 10p to 20p an hour

(Zoe Griffin)

How we tested

We tested each heated airer with a full 8kg load of washing, to see if it could hold all the items we needed to dry each day. Often, we do two loads of laundry a day, so we tested the larger airers to see if they could really hold 15kg of washing. We tested their weights by seeing if we could lift or push them one handed, and we came back to each airer every hour to try to work out which gave the fastest drying times.

The best heated clothes airers for 2023 are:

  • Best heated clothes airer overall – Easylife XL heated airer: £149.99,
  • Best heated clothes airer for ease of use – Dunelm heated airer with wings: £40,
  • Best heated clothes airer for families – Black+Decker three-tier heated airer: £119.99,
  • Best heated clothes airer for quick drying – Dry:Soon drying pod: £79.99,