Amazon’s Astro Robot is now a mobile security guard for businesses

Astro for Business is aimed at retailers, manufacturers and other industries as a security guard that can patrol for break-ins and other threats.


Amazon There's a new job for Astro Robot: a mobile security guard in stores to detect break-ins and other threats.

The company on Thursday announced Astro for Business, a version of its household robot that it is pitching as a crime prevention tool for retailers, manufacturers and other industries. Astro for Business is only launching in the United States, and it comes with a steep price tag of $2,349.99.

Amazon unveiled its first home robot, Astro, in September 2021. The three-wheeled device can roll around the house to respond to Alexa voice commands. Obstacles to check if the stove is left, among other tasks.

Two years after its debut, the original Astro, priced at $1,599, is available in limited quantities and by invitation only.

Amazon announced last September at its annual hardware and software event that It was a test run by Astro With some businesses and on Thursday, the company said it has seen some traction from companies in the health and wellness, food and beverage, construction and other sectors.

“We've been testing Astro at various businesses and have seen firsthand how Astro's intelligent motion has helped provide visibility into blind spots and areas that existing stationary cameras cannot see, giving business owners peace of mind that their inventory and property are protected. Even when they're not there,” said Anthony Robson, head of product at Amazon Astro, in a statement.

Amazon provided the data National Retail FederationA trade association and advocacy group that projects that cuts involving shoplifting and organized retail crime will reach nearly $100 billion by 2022. Major retailers have regularly expressed concerns about theft, but there is little data to back it up, and other factors may contribute to the issue, such as employee theft or lost or damaged merchandise, CNBC previously reported.

Amazon also offers a suite of security products with Astro for Business for an additional fee, such as the Ring Protect Pro, which can connect the Astro Ring with sensors and motion detectors. The virtual security service allows Astro to notify remote security centers of potential threats, such as an unidentified person, broken glass or smoke. Remote security agents can view live footage and call police or emergency responders.