A police officer sexually assaulted a woman in an alley on a night out, a court heard

A Sussex Police inspector allegedly told a woman as he sexually assaulted her “You're saying no but I think you're actually saying yes”, a court heard.

On the first day of a trial at Hove Crown Court, jurors heard how Mike Shinden, 35, of Kinfauns Avenue, Eastbourne, lured the woman, who was known to him, into an alleyway.

The pair were on a night out with friends in Eastbourne on March 10, 2022, the court heard.

Prosecuting, Rachel Beckett told the court how the alleged victim said “no” several times as Shinden pushed her against a wall and tried to kiss her, reaching up her dress and underwear after the pair left a club for a cigarette. .

Of course I told you no

Message from woman read out in court

When other members of the group came out of the club, he told the accused that they would be coming and went out into the alley.

The court also heard that as the group were about to get a taxi because the woman wanted to go home, Shinden walked up to the woman and said: “Oh, you hate me now?”

Shinden denies the charge of penetrative sexual assault and his alleged comments that night.

In a prepared statement to police, Shinden also said the sexual activity was “completely consensual.”

The group had been drinking since 3pm in a few pubs in Eastbourne before heading to Eastbourne Cocktail Club for karaoke later in the evening where the alleged incident took place.

After the night out, Shinden texted the woman saying he hoped she “didn't feel bad” about the night, to which she replied: “I don't feel great about anything, I'm trying to forget it. . I certainly told you no.”

In the messages, which were also read to the court, Shinden replied: “They were all drunk and I won't bring it up again.”

In cross-examination, defense attorney Rebecca Upton suggested to the alleged victim that there was no penetration that night, but that the pair had consensually kissed.

He added that the woman had instead leaned against the wall and willingly walked with Shinden into an area – a car park rather than an alley – that he could not see.

Ms Upton also said that while the incident was consensual, the woman was remorseful and embarrassed about it, which led her to make the complaint against Shinden, which the alleged victim denies.

The trial continues.