Opposite clip after being bitten by a snake catcher

A Queensland snake catcher who was bitten by a deadly eastern brown snake has revealed his “tongue doesn't work” in a video message from his hospital bed.

Tony Harrison, who runs Harrison's Gold Coast and Brisbane snake catcher business with his wife Brooke, was bitten by a snake in Logan, about 20km from Brisbane, on Sunday afternoon.

The incident was streamed live on the business's Facebook page, but was later deleted.

In a video update on Facebook, Mr Harrison appears to close his eyes as he asks for a break from the media while he recovers.

“My eyes don't work and my tongue doesn't work, please rest,” he said as his speech slurred.

“Brooke is in the hospital herself. Please give us a break.”

The business added that Mr Harrison has suffered from cranial palsy since the incident.

“That means the neurotoxins are working [sic] His eyes and his tongue. It should be clear in a few days, because it is only temporary,” he wrote in the comment under the video.

“It doesn't happen often in humans and is usually found in pets.”

Mrs. Harrison had told him earlier Courier mailHer husband was bitten by two eastern brown snakes, the second most venomous snake in the world, before he was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

She released an update on her condition on Monday night, confirming that only her husband was bitten, despite being in hospital.

“Tony's blood is showing signs of improvement… his poison levels were/are very low,” she said.

“As for myself, I was not bitten. I was suffering from stomach and chest pain, fatigue and stress, which is why they pulled me out.”

He later added that Mr Harrison's eyes and tongue muscles are not working at their best due to neurotoxins.'

This is the second time Mr. Harrison has been bitten live by an Eastern Brown Snake.

In 2019, he suffered a non-venomous bite after trying to remove a snake from under an air conditioner in Pimpama.

“When I put my hand in, his face was there,” she told him Sunrise on time.

“I'm very aware of the potential, so I was scared to say the least.”

“I was worried about not seeing my family again.”

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