6 ways AI-powered cameras can save your life and money

Have you ever wished you had a witness to help you after a car accident or road rage incident? Or a way to keep thieves out of your car?

Or a device that can call for help if you run into trouble?

Now you can have all that and more with iQ, the new artificially intelligent camera from Nextbase.

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AI dash about 1

Nextbase camera. (next base)

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What is an AI dashcam?

The iQ isn't just an ordinary camera that records your ride. It is a smart device that uses artificial intelligence to constantly monitor your car. It can detect intrusion attempts, driving incidents and more.

It also uses facial recognition technology to identify potential threats and alert you or the authorities if necessary. Here are six features that iQ offers.

AI assisted camera 2

iQ dashcam uses AI to continuously monitor vehicles. (next base)

1. Collects and stores data for your benefit

The iQ is designed to collect data from 20 minutes to 20 minutes before an incident, which can help you prove your case to an insurance company or the police.

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It also comes with Roadwatch AI, which is a feature that can show you the speed of cars around you in any iQ recording, so you can prove your side of the story in case of a dispute.

According to Nextbase, insurance companies in America are looking for data to identify the fault, which is why the camera is equipped with sensors, GPS and cloud storage.

AI assisted camera 3

In America, insurance companies look for data to determine who is at fault for an accident. (next base)

2. Protects your vehicle from break-in and theft

When your car is parked, the iQ switches to Smart Sense parking mode, which saves battery and puts the camera to sleep.

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If it senses a human-sized “danger” nearby, it wakes up and starts recording. The iQ also uses AI facial recognition technology to determine whether a person is just walking by the car or actively looking inside.

AI assisted camera 4

This camera uses AI facial recognition to detect if someone is looking at your car. (next base)

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3. Calls for help when you need it most

If you're in an accident and unresponsive, the iQ will activate SOS emergency mode and send your location to emergency services. It will also send a message to your emergency contacts and share your medical information with paramedics.

AI assisted camera 5

The camera has an emergency mode. (next base)

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4. Helps you keep track of your car

Using iQ, you can set speed and distance limits for your vehicle and receive notifications if it exceeds them. You can also access your car's camera from your phone and chat with the driver.

If it's your kids, not only can you make sure they drive safely and responsibly, but you can also give them a friendly reminder about the curfew.

AI assisted camera 6

You can access your car camera from your phone. (next base)

5. Record and stream live video to someone you trust

If you ever feel safe, you can activate it witness mode Say, “Start witness mode.” iQ will record and transmit the situation to someone you trust who can help you or call you for help.

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6. Keeps you safe and alert on the road

iQ also has a smart driver monitoring system called Driver Knowledge (DMS) To combat distraction and/or drowsy driving. It also has another system called Vehicle Aware (ADAS)which is an advanced driver assistance system that monitors the road and vehicles ahead and warns the driver of vehicle and pedestrian hazards using Nextbase Spatial Awareness technology.

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How much does an AI dash cam cost?

iQ Available in three models: 1K, 2K and 4K. The 1K model costs $499.99, the 2K model costs $599.99, and the 4K model costs $699.99.

All three models have a 3-inch touchscreen, a 140-degree wide-angle lens, and a magnetic mount.

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There are 3 subscription levels available for the dashcam app

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from three subscription levels for the iQ dashcam app:

Solo The plan is free and basic, allowing you to view, edit and share your footage from your phone or computer.

Protection The plan costs $9.99 per month and adds real-time image notifications, live view, smart parking, witness mode, emergency SOS, automated incident backup, real-time notifications and extended warranty.

Protect Plus The plan costs $19.99 per month and offers more features and storage, such as unlimited cloud storage, theft tracking, driver behavior analysis and advanced driver assistance systems.

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Kurt's key

The iQ camera is truly a next-level smart camera. It truly offers peace, security and comfort. It will help you protect your car, money and, most importantly, life. It can also be very useful for avoiding anxiety and stress after a car accident or break. If you're looking for a camera that can do more than just record your ride, you might want to check out the iQ.

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