The government was shown the bodies of 1,000-year-old “inhuman” aliens

The alleged bodies of two “inhumans” were presented at a congressional hearing in Mexico, sparking a mixture of surprise, disbelief and ridicule on social media Wednesday.

The supposed mummified remains were put on display in two small display cases – the first time Mexico's Congress has formally addressed the issue of possible extraterrestrial life.

The alleged bodies, which had a gray color and a human-like body shape, were reported by Mexican journalist and researcher Jaime Mausan, who claimed to have found them in Peru in 2017.

“They are inhuman. We don't want to call them aliens because we don't know,” Mausan said at a meeting called by ruling party politician Sergio Gutierrez, who defended the event as “of public interest.”

Mausan cited a carbon dating analysis by the National Autonomous University of Mexico that showed “these creatures are about 1,000 years old.”

Gutierrez asked the speakers to swear to tell the truth during the hearing. He said Mawsan requested the hearing after a former intelligence official told a US congressional committee in July that humans were not alone in the universe and that US authorities were hiding evidence.

In May, the US space agency NASA held its first public meeting on the issue and called for a more rigorous scientific approach to clarifying the origins of so-called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs).

The Mexican hearing prompted both surprise and derision, including jokes about the alien creature in the film. ET.

The event “shows the disdain this country has for science,” wrote one user on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Others shared videos of the event with the words: “The Martians have arrived,” while calling for Mawsan to be named “President of Intergalactic Relations.”

– with AFP