ChatGPT-generated cryptocurrency “AstroPepeX” earns $12 million in first trading session

ChatGPT Crypto Coin AstroPepeX was created by AI CroissantEth.  - ChatGPT
ChatGPT Crypto Coin AstroPepeX was created by AI CroissantEth. – ChatGPT

In a groundbreaking achievement, an Ethereum developer has successfully combined the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI and blockchain technology to create AstroPepeX, an ERC-20 crypto token that is gaining mass traction in the cryptocurrency world.

This remarkable achievement shows the harmonious interaction between the latest artificial intelligence models and the decentralized blockchain ecosystem, giving a sign that significant market capitalization is planned.

A ticker “$APX” was also created for AstroPepeX.

It should be noted that CroissantEth rejected ChatGPT's initial suggestion of a cryptocurrency name, “FluffyUnicorn Coin,” and provided the chatbot with additional information about cryptocurrencies.

The token image was created by CroissantEth using DALL-E, a text-to-image artificial intelligence generator, another OpenAI application.

12 million dollars on the first day

An anonymous Ethereum developer named CroissantEth has also made available code that informs AI tools about the introduction of new ERC-20 tokens.

On the Ethereum platform, all tokens are ERC-20 tokens. In other words, they have a function that makes each token exactly the same (in type and value) as any other token. ERC-20 offers a standard for Fungible Tokens.

“What I did was to introduce GPT into the standard ERC20 contract for simplicity, because I felt it was safe to try this first,” CroissantEth told Decrypt. “Someone can introduce some kind of special configuration with their own hard code to make it work, introduce a tax rate or even governance settings.”

CroissantEth created the meme coin as a random encounter. “Suddenly, I had an epiphany,” they said, as the developer was trying to “test the capabilities of ChatGPT with smart contracts on Ethereum.”

Although ChatGPT cannot directly place a token on Ethereum, a developer can still create a token by customizing the application, connecting to the Ethereum network, and using the OpenAl API.

According to Decrypt, the new memecoin has already generated $12.9 million in trading volume in the last 24 hours.

CroissantEth's code instructs ChatGPT to generate an ERC20 token following OpenZeppelin's instructions. An open source platform for creating secure smart contracts is called OpenZeppelin.