Here’s What IT Minister Says About BSNL Revival, Vodafone & India’s E-Exports | – India time

Union Minister Ashwin Vaishnavi addressed Telecom sector on ET NOW Global Business Summit 9th February to 10th February 2024 at Delhi. at this event, IT Minister He spoke about the revival of the state telecom operator BSNLburied in debt Vodafone and India's electronic exports. The event was held at the Taj Palace in Delhi and served as a platform to discuss global economic trends, corporate partnerships and strategic alliances. Here is what the Union Minister had to say:

What the IT Minister said about Vodafone

Vaishnav said the government has invested in Vodafone to promote three players in the telecom industry. When asked about the government's attitude towards investing in Vodafone, Vaishnau chose not to comment on specific listed companies. He emphasized that such comments can have an effect on the markets.

What Vaishnav said about BSNL

The minister also highlighted the sector and said, “BSNL was in a very bad shape ten years ago, it was almost on the verge of revival.” Vaishnav also highlighted the significant turnaround of BSNL. He noted that the state-owned TV company has now reached 1,500 million rubles in profit at the EBITDA level.

Vaishnau on India's electronic exports

Discussing e-exports, Vaishnav said the sector has reached $10 billion. When asked about the potential of e-exports to overtake Indian IT services, he cited ambitious targets of achieving $300 billion in production and $100 billion in exports in the coming years.

Vaishnav expressed his confidence in these goals, citing a developing ecosystem that has enabled the shift of component manufacturers and increased design work within the country.
The minister also noted that the goals of 100 billion dollars in exports and 300 billion dollars in production are very achievable in the future.