Xerox data breach exposes personal information of customers and staff in US – Times of India

Based in USA Xerox Corporation which sells print and digital document products and services worldwide, has confirmed the latest data breach. The company announced that its US division, also known as Xerox Business Solutions (XBS) has been affected by hackers and may expose a limited amount of personal information. XBS Specializing in document technology and services, with a diverse product offering that includes printers, copiers, digital printing systems, as well as associated consulting and delivery services.
How the data breach affected Xerox
Last year, on December 29, INC Ransom Ransomware The gang added XBS to the extortion portal. The cyber crime group also claimed to have stolen sensitive data and confidential documents from the company's systems. According to a report by Bleeping Computer, data samples shared on the INC Ransom data leak site include emails from Communications (identified by content and addresses), payment details, invoices, completed inquiry forms and purchase orders.
What the company says about the breach
The company issued a statement following the cyber security incident. The company's statement reads: Recently, a subsidiary of Xerox, copier Business Solutions, (hit by data breach), which discovered and contained Xerox's cybersecurity staff. The event was limited to XBS US. We are actively working with third-party cybersecurity experts to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident and are taking the necessary steps to further secure the XBS IT environment.”
The company also added that the attack had no impact on Xerox or XBS operations. However, preliminary investigations revealed that limited personal information was exposed in the attack.

The report states that cyber attackers can store data about many XBS customers, partners and employees. However, the extent of the breach is currently unknown. Xerox also assured that it will notify all affected individuals once it confirms that it has been affected by the incident.
Earlier in 2020, Xerox suffered a ransomware attack when the Maze ransomware group added the company to its list of victims. The cyber crime group also threatened to release more than 100 GB of stolen data.