LG 2024 QNED TV series to offer more screen size options, improved picture quality – Times of India

South Korea's technical chief LG Electronics He presented the latest line-up of QNED 2024 and QNED Mini LED TVs. The upcoming TV lineup will offer a wider variety of screen choices, including an ultra-large 98-in. The line also offers customers multiple alternatives to fit any space perfectly, including 43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 86-inch screens. The company claims that these TVs will offer strong picture quality, expanded. AI-powered processing technologiesExtensive customization features and sophisticated design.
LG 2024 QNED series: Price and Availability
The company does not disclose the exact prices and release date of the TVs. However, the latest LG 2024 QNED TVs will be on display CES 2024 which will be held from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, USA.
LG 2024 QNED Series: Key Specifications
LG 2024 QNED TVs have developed significantly more intelligence with the A8 AI processor. With a 1.3x increase in AI performance, a 2.3x improvement in graphics performance and a processing speed that is 1.6x faster, the new processor is better than its predecessor.
LG's will be in future TVs AI Picture Pro technique Offering improved image quality based on deep learning. This feature expertly differentiates faces, objects and backgrounds within a scene, enriching texture and fine detail to present images with unparalleled realism. The TVs will also be equipped with Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro which divides the image into blocks and analyzes each one in real-time to detect the darkest and brightest areas, enhancing detail with precise HDR optimization to deliver three-dimensional image quality. With the Personalized Image Wizard, users can adjust the image quality by selecting a few preferred images from a given selection, which are intelligently adjusted using deep learning.
In addition to lifelike picture quality, AI Sound Pro captivates viewers with virtual 9.1.2 surround sound audio perfection from the TV's built-in speakers. For a unified audio system, WOW Orchestra integrates the LG Sound Bar and TV speakers, resulting in an enhanced 3D sound experience.
Equipped with LG Quantum Dot and NanoCell color technologiesThe company's latest QNED TVs give you sharp and clear images for hyper-realistic viewing. With improved color reproduction, the authentic colors of QNED TVs enhance visual depth for a more immersive and three-dimensional home entertainment experience.

Achieving realistic contrast, LG QNED Mini LED TVs use Precision Dimming technology to improve gradation and precise light control. LG's 2024 QNED TVs also feature local dimming technology for sharper contrast and better brightness.
The LG QNED Mini LED TV QNED90 model is equipped with a million gray scale, which distinguishes gray colors and represents gradation with 20-bit accuracy, which ensures extremely strong contrast.
With a sleek design, with a slim profile of just 29mm, LG 2024 QNED TVs, including the QNED85 and QNED80 models, can blend into any space. TVs can also be wall-mounted, providing more flexibility in arranging furniture and appliances.
together webOS Re: New program, LG is offering an upgrade to the latest version of its webOS smart TV platform to give more smart TV owners the most up-to-date user experience for the next five years. This offer applies to LG QNED Mini LED 8K models launched in 2022 (QNED99 and QNED95 series) and will be extended to additional models of QNED TV lines worldwide in the future.
Using the latest LG webOS smart TV platform, users can create individual profiles to tailor the experience to their preferences. TVs can differentiate sounds based on user profiles and offer personalized recommendations by interpreting patterns in their usage history.
In addition, the main UI screen of the latest version of webOS features a Dynamic Q Card for faster access to its services, with custom organization into groups such as Home Office, Home Hub, Sports and Games. To enjoy consumers' favorite digital media, LG 2024 QNED TVs also support Apple AirPlay and Chromecast for enhanced connectivity and compatibility with mobile devices.
LG 2024 QNED TVs also support a range of accessibility features, including dedicated menu options, sign language avatars, remote control tutorials and guides for quick troubleshooting.